About Telerik Document Processing Libraries

Manipulate PDF, Word & Excel Files in Web & Desktop .NET applications.

Telerik Document Processing is a set of libraries, which provide you with a complete set of APIs, for manipulation of the most commonly used flow, fixed and spreadsheet document formats for Web and desktop .NET applications without relying on third party software (MS Office, Adobe Acrobat).

Telerik Document Processing Key Features:

  • UI-Independent
    The libraries are UI-Independent and cover all .NET technologies, from desktop and web to mobile, and can be deployed in client, server-side and cloud apps.
  • No need for 3rd party software – No Server Deployment Fees
    Enable document manipulation within your application without relying on 3rd party software such as Microsoft Office or Adobe Acrobat Reader.
  • Convenient API
    Add document processing capabilities to your applications in no time by utilizing the convenient APIs. Enable creating, editing and converting documents with just a few lines of code.
  • Any document. Any Business.
    The Telerik Document Processing is suitable for various business cases and scenarios, where document creation or manipulation is required.
  • Performance and Speed
    The libraries are decoupled from UI and can provide a great performance in different cases, especially when dealing with huge excel files.
  • Support for Variety of File Formats
    The Telerik Document Processing includes 5 libraries for manipulating PDF, Word, Excel and ZIP files in your application.

PDF Processing

With the PDF Processing Library, you can enable the creation, edit and export of PDF files in your .NET applications. The library supports interactive forms and form filling, as well as digital signatures.

  • Generate PDF documents from scratch.
  • Edit existing documents – delete headers/footers or watermarks, change images and colors.
  • Add content to existing document: аll features of the existing PDF document are preserved, and just some content is added.
  • Merge document pages: Combine pages from different documents into a single document.
  • Interactive forms
    • automatic filling of forms (e.g. tax forms).
    • automatic extraction of data from already filled forms.
  • Digital signatures
    • signing a document with digital signature.
    • validate digital signature of already signed document.

Words Processing

Telerik Words Processing is a processing library, which allows for Word-like document manipulations in .NET applications and enables end-users to create, modify and export documents to various formats.

  • Create and modify documents from various document formats: DOCX, RTF, HTML, plain text.
  • Convert documents to PDF (export only).
  • Convert between the different formats.
  • Full rich-text capabilities.
  • Font and paragraphs formatting, tables, images, comments, hyperlinks, fields and a lot more are supported.
  • Mail merge: Generate documents using template document and a data set, e.g. "Thank you" letters to all employees.
  • Merge different documents into a single one controlling how their styles should be merged.

Spread Processing

The Telerik Spread Processing library enables you to work with spreadsheet documents in your application – create ones from scratch, modify existing documents or convert between the most common spreadsheet formats. You can save the generated workbook to a local file, stream, or stream it to the client browser.

  • Create from scratch and modify existing documents from spreadsheet formats: XLSX, CSV.
  • Export to PDF.
  • Convert between the different formats.
  • Extracting and populating cells with data.
  • Built-in support for computation of more than 200 functions, like SUM, AVERAGE, etc.
  • Custom functions could be added as well.
  • Protection from editing operations using password/removing such password.
  • Most of the important Excel features are supported
    • data validation - restrict the types of input to cells (e.g. allow only numbers).
    • grouping to organize data (e.g. collapse some rows/columns).
    • filtering, sorting, freeze panes, hidden rows, and more.

Spread Stream Processing

With the Telerik Spread Stream Processing library you can generate big spreadsheet documents with great performance and minimal memory footprint in your .NET applications. To guarantee for excellent performance, the library writes the spreadsheet content directly to a stream without creating and preserving the spreadsheet document model in memory.

  • Specialized for fast generation of huge (even 1M+ rows) XLSX and CSV documents.
  • Create document from scratch or append new sheets to existing document.
  • Faster than Spread Processing and with minimal memory footprint.

ZIP Library

With RadZipLibrary you can compress data like images, DOCX, PDF, or any other type of files and send them over the wire. Thus, you will achieve fast and secure transactions.

  • Create ZIP files.
  • Extract ZIP files.
  • Modify existing ZIP files – add/remove or update the files inside the archive.
  • Support for large files (over 4GB).
  • Support for encryption: You can protect ZIP file with password.