Telerik JustMock Releases

Released: Jan 31, 2024

Updates in 2024 Q1


  • JustMock Console has been integrated with .NET tool ecosystem enabling cross-platform support of JustMock's advanced features.
  • Added Microsoft .NET 8 compatibility.
  • Integrated with the latest version of dotnet-coverage.

Released: Nov 23, 2023

Updates in R3 2023 SP1


  • Fixed Visual Studio test host crash when running .NET 8 tests in elevated mode.

Released: Oct 11, 2023

Updates in R3 2023


  • Test execution may hang when mocking async methods with value type task result.
  • Method mocking containing DoNothing or DoInstead clause could lead to failures in the new object interception in the subsequent tests.

Released: Jul 4, 2023

Updates in R2 2023 SP1


  • DataCollector has been packed into the NuGet package.


  • Fixed a crash in the Customer Experience Improvement Program view.

Released: Jun 6, 2023

Updates in R2 2023


  • Apple macOS Support - JustMock now can be used seamlessly with popular .NET development environments for macOS (x64 and arm64), including Microsoft Visual Studio for Mac, Visual Studio Code, JetBrains Rider, etc.


  • Fixed integration with dotTrace and dotCover.

Released: Jan 18, 2023

Updates in R1 2023


  • Profiler path can now be configured inside the Code Coverage Wrapper data collector.
  • Microsoft Visual Studio quick action menu can now offer hints when creating a generic mock.

Released: Dec 8, 2022

Updates in R3 2022 SP1


  • Added support for Microsoft .NET 7 official version.
  • Added a setting to control mock generation rules.


  • Can’t mock Interface contained Method with 'in' parameter.
  • Telerik.JustMock.Console version doesn't increment correctly.
  • The AzureDevOps task has incorrect default values for the JustMock profiler path selector field.
  • Code coverage result file is not produced when an exception is thrown in the JustMock data collector.

Released: Sep 14, 2022

Updates in R3 2022


  • Introduced support for latest Microsoft .NET 7 Preview.
  • Introduced ReturnAsync to better handle results from async methods.
  • Introduced support for Microsoft Visual Studio 2022 in the JustMock AzureDevOps task.
  • Introduced file path pickers for the JustMock profiler path fields in the JustMock AzureDevOps task.

Released: Jun 22, 2022

Updates in R2 2022 SP1


  • Enabling profiler through JustMock extension on rare occasions causes an unexpected stack overflow.
  • A breakpoint is not hit during debugging of an async test.
  • Using a different version of the NuGet package compared to the locally installed product could cause an unexpected error to occur.
  • Using JustMock.Commercial package inside Visual Studio could lead to profiler issues.
  • Unable to mock CultureInfo.

Released: May 11, 2022

Updates in R2 2022


  • Added support for default interface implementations.
  • Added support for Microsoft .NET 7 Preview 1.
  • Added support for generating mocks with Microsoft Visual Studio quick actions.
  • Added support for handling non-public types when matching arguments.


  • System.InvalidProgramException is thrown when using Microsoft.CodeCoverage 16.10.0 and above.
  • The JustMock profiler strongly require the profiler with which will be integrated to support ICorProfilerCallback4 interface.