Telerik Reporting Releases

Released: Oct 21, 2020

Updates in R3 2020 SP1


  • Add Microsoft Visual Studio Template for the Web Report Designer
    • The web report designer can now be added to Microsoft ASP.NET Core 3+ and ASP.NET projects using a Microsoft Visual Studio item template.


  • Web Service Data Source
    • Two step authentication request fails when TokenPath is not set.
  • Web Designer
    • CSV data source's field and record separators do not allow multi-select.
    • Property editors of input fields are not updated on change from the design surface.
    • ServiceUrl value...

Released: Sep 16, 2020

Updates in R3 2020


  • Add support for SVG image format to PictureBox item
    • The PictureBox item now supports SVG format to allow rendering images with best quality regardless their size.
  • Add CSV data source wizard
    • The Web Report Designer now has a wizard with intuitive step by step instructions that guide through the process of creating or editing the CSV data source.
  • Add JSON data source wizard
    • The Web Report Designer now has a wizard with intuitive step by step instructions that guide through the process of...

Released: Jun 18, 2020

Updates in R2 2020 SP1


  • Standalone Report Designer
    • Report Parameter dropdown tick is hidden if the value is too long.
    • Search dialog hides when navigating between pages of the previewed document.
    • The report designer localization is not applied when a .trdp or .trdx file is opened from Windows shell.
  • Web Designer
    • Expression Editor does not list the data fields when the data source is set through a binding to ReportItem.DataObject.
    • Еxception is thrown when the service is hosted in .NET Core 3+ application...

Released: May 13, 2020

Updates in R2 2020


  • Ability to Freeze Table/Band Header in Web-based Report Viewers - The Web-report viewers now feature the ability to freeze the table header rows or columns to ensure better report representation.
  • Graph wizards in the Web Report Designer - The new Graph item Wizard enables easy setup of line, pie, area, bar and column charts without leaving the comfort of the Properties area.
  • Blazor Report Viewer V.2.0 - The newly released Blazor report viewer is now improved to cover more complex...

Released: Feb 19, 2020

Updates in R1 2020 SP1


  • Add WebServiceDataSource Timeout property
    • The property enables control over web request duration.
  • Support cookie-based two-factor authentication in WebServiceDataSource
    • Add support for web services utilizing cookie-based two-factor authentication, including OpenEdge application server.
  • Add version to the web viewers and designer resources requests
    • This will reduce the chances of using old resources and enable better resources cache for already available resources.
  • What's Improved
    • Add a...

Released: Oct 30, 2019

Updates in R3 2019 SP1


  • Web Report Designer
    • Close functionality for opened report.
    • Option to create new data source components.
    • Overlapping items indication.
    • Save as functionality for opened report.
    • Introduce an extended edit mode.
  • New WPF Report Viewer Theme
    • Introducing the Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 Theme.
  • Other Improvements
    • Report Parameter now populates the valid values even if some of the passed values are invalid.
    • Angular Report Viewer example updated to Angular 8.


  • Web Service Data Source...

Released: Sep 18, 2019

Updates in R3 2019


  • Web Report Designer (Preview)
    • Introduce a new Web-based Report Designer widget to enable embedded report editing into web applications. This first release has limited functionality for preview purposes.
  • Reuse data sources' raw data between the data items in a report
    • Optimized raw data retrieval when multiple data items use common data source to feed data.
  • Improved
    • New built-in function for creating a URL instance
    • Reports service cache invalidation algorithm improvement


  • Standalone...

Released: Jun 19, 2019

Updates in R2 2019 SP1


  • Improved SQL Query Designer support for MS Access.
  • Improved storage implementation targeting StackExchange.Redis 2.0+ client.
  • Added PrinterSettings to the WPF and WinForms Report Viewers PrintEnd event args.


  • Installation
    • Some localization resources are missing from the installation folder
  • Common
    • TocText, DocumentMap and AccessibleDescription properties are not localizable
  • JSON Configuration
    • Default values are not set when loading the reporting configuration
  • Standalone Report...

Released: May 15, 2019

Updates in R2 2019


  • PDF Documents Accessibility
    • PDF is now fully enabled to generate documents that cover all the applicable accessibility standards.
  • JSON DataSource Component
    • Feed the data used for creation of the reports with file or inline JSON.
  • WPF & WinForms Report Viewers for .NET Core 3.0
    • The desktop report viewers (both WPF and WinForms) can be added to a .NET Core 3.0 desktop application.
  • Reports REST service for .NET Core 3.0
    • In addition to the .NET Core 2.X the reports service exposing the...

Released: Feb 22, 2019

Updates in R1 2019 SP1


  • Add report engine support for macOS with .NET Core.
  • Add WPF Report Viewer Crystal Dark theme.


  • Installation
    • Missing Telerik.Reporting.WebServiceDataSource .NET Standard assembly
  • Common
    • Map item tiles are not displayed when map is used in .NET Core and .NET Framework applications
  • Standalone Report Designer
    • AreaSeries DataPointStyle is not serialized
    • Exception is thrown on changing the Report.Language property
    • Exception is thrown on reloading the report
  • Processing
    • ReportProcessor...