Telerik Reporting Releases

Released: May 11, 2022

Updates in R2 2022


  • Added support for Microsoft .NET 7 Preview 3 to the WinForms and WPF report viewers.
  • Added support for REST service which can be used as a remote report generation engine.
  • Web Report Designer is now compatible with the theming and widgets contained in the latest version of Kendo UI (Kendo UI R1 2022 SP1+).
  • Web Report Designer now includes a comprehensive search function. You can search through all designer areas: components, existing report items and properties.
  • What's Improved
    • Improved...

Released: Feb 25, 2022

Updates in R1 2022 SP1


  • When creating a PictureBox item using the designer's toolbox, its Sizing property will now be set to ScaleProportional instead of Normal.
  • Added the ability to use a custom Data Provider when adding a new SQL data source using the wizard.
  • HTML5-based report viewers now require Kendo UI version 2022.1.119 or later.


  • Web Designer
    • "View details" switch button in the Assets Manager dialog is with bigger font-size than the other buttons.
    • Assets Manager is not invoked when clicking URI...

Released: Jan 19, 2022

Updates in R1 2022


  • Web Report Designer has a new resource file manager
    • A new resource manager is now accessible from the main menu and corresponding property editors. It allows you to upload, download and select files such as CSV, JSON, images and XML external styles, and use them as shared resources in reports.
  • Web Report Designer supports ReportBook reports
    • The Web Report Designer now makes it possible to create or edit ReportBook reports, reorder the referenced reports and configure their parameters...

Released: Nov 25, 2021

Updates in R3 2021 SP2


  • Web Report Designer
    • Security vulnerability in Web Report Designer's controller.
  • Crystal Reports Converter
    • An exception is thrown when the OleDB connection parameters do not include "Initial Catalog" or "Integrated Security" keys.
    • Conversion of justified horizontal text alignment is not supported.
  • HTML5 Report Viewer
    • Keep alive requests are being sent after Report Viewer Angular component is destroyed.

Released: Nov 10, 2021

Updates in R3 2021 SP1


  • Added support for Microsoft Visual Studio 2022.
  • Microsoft SQL Server Database Storage now provides an option to configure the SqlConnection CommandTimeout property
  • A new endpoint "/api/reports/version" has been added to the REST Service implementations. Useful when troubleshooting scenarios where the client and server versions mismatch.
  • IReportEngine interface now has a new method GetReportingVersion
    • The method is used internally by the REST Service implementations to return the actual...

Released: Sep 15, 2021

Updates in R3 2021


  • Business objects support in Web Report Designer
    • Web Report Designer now supports data binding of business objects through the ObjectDataSource component. It allows to browse the component types and data members at design-time and use them in expressions.
  • Web Report Designer has a new Open Report menu
    • The improved Open Report menu now allows file upload or download from the file system to the backend storage.
  • WinUI Report Viewer
    • Introducing a new WinUI Report Viewer that can be embedded...

Released: Jun 16, 2021

Updates in R2 2021 SP1


  • Keep session alive while the viewer is running
    • Added support for keeping the client session alive in WPF, Windows Forms and HTML5-based report viewers.
  • What's Improved
    • Added Bring To Front / Send To Back context menu options in Web Report Designer's Explorer Tab, with keyboard shortcuts.
    • Users that utilize the WinForms ReportViewer do not have access to the state and to the evaluated values of report parameters.
    • Users that utilize WPF ReportViewer do not have out-of-the-box access to...

Released: May 12, 2021

Updates in R2 2021


  • .NET 6 Preview support for desktop viewers and REST service
    • Added support for .NET 6 Preview in the WinForms and WPF report viewers as well as the REST service which they can use as a remote report generation engine.
  • Enable per-report allowed export formats configuration
    • Now the report model API allows hiding an export option, changing its description, and changing the export parameters for a particular report via the RuntimeSettings report property.
  • New Band Report themes
    • Added four...

Released: Mar 30, 2021

Updates in R1 2021 SP2


  • Configuration
    • The initialization of JSON-based configuration throws an exception when used in a single-file .NET Core application.
  • Standalone Report Designer
    • The "Find" button in the toolbar does not represent the state of the search dialog.
  • PDF Rendering
    • The PDF export option is missing in .NET Core Viewers when using a certificate to sign the produced PDF document.
  • Angular Report Viewer
    • SignalR jQuery plugin fails to load.
  • Visual Studio Item Templates
    • WPF Report Viewer cannot be added...

Released: Jan 20, 2021

Updates in R1 2021


  • .NET 5 Support for desktop viewers and REST service
    • Added support for Microsoft .NET 5 in the WinForms and WPF report viewers as well as the REST service which they can use as a remote report generation engine.
  • Support for form type reports
    • Two major improvements aid the creation of form type reports: 1) allow the users to add and render an image as a background in the report designer; 2) allow the users to draw vertical lines or rectangles across one or more report sections.
  • Table...