About Telerik Test Studio Web & Desktop

Automated testing for Web and Desktop; VS plug-in.

Telerik Test Studio empowers you to quickly and easily craft automated tests, integrate them in your CI/CD environment following your agile workflow, find defects earlier and ship a better quality software product. Automate repetitive manual QA tasks and ensure high level of software quality continuously in time without last minute surprises. Easily follow any kind of test scenario by using the powerful cross-browser point-and-click recorder to quickly create tests. Use rich set of actions and verifications applicable to any UI element including Kendo UI widgets and Telerik UI controls. Reuse elements, steps and code to minimize the effort needed for complex test scenarios. Utilize distributed test list execution to manage your testing time and free up resources for more pressing, business-critical scenarios.

Telerik Test Studio Web & Desktop Testing Features:

  • Automated Web and Desktop Testing
  • Visual Studio Plugin
  • Manual Testing
  • Exploratory Testing
  • Functional UI Testing
  • Test Scheduling and Execution
  • Parallel Test Execution on Multiple Machines
  • Continuous Integration Support

Functional UI Testing

  • Supports: HTML, Angular, AJAX, MVC, WPF, Silverlight, etc.
  • Powerful Test Recorder
  • Integrated DOM and Element explorers
  • Extensive find element logic
  • Shared elements, steps and tests
  • C# and VB support for coded steps and standalone helper classes
  • Import of third-party libraries
  • Data binding
  • Native support for Telerik UI controls and Kendo UI widgets
  • Web UI and API tests integration
  • Extensive reporting
  • Results dashboard
  • Scheduled and distributed runs
  • Visual Studio extension
  • Source control integration - TFS, Git
  • Bug tracking integration - TFS, Jira
  • CI/CD Integration - Jenkins, TFS, Bamboo, TeamCity, etc.
  • APIs for integration with third-party test case and results management systems
  • Command line runner