Telerik Test Studio Web & Desktop Releases

Released: Feb 12, 2020

Updates in R3 2019 SP3


  • Browser: Chromium v.80 support.
  • Browser: Google Chrome and Edge Chromium cross-domain iframes support fixed. Chrome and Edge Chromium need to be re-calibrated.
  • Browser: Edge Chromium v.80 Logon and Download dialogs support.

Released: Feb 5, 2020

Updates in R3 2019 SP2


  • New
    • Support for the official Microsoft Edge Chromium browser. Note that once you have the new Microsoft Edge Chromium, you will not be able to automate the old deprecated Microsoft Edge.
    • Ability to preserve the state of opened tests on Test Studio restart.
    • Import specific settings from another project (settings include Base URL, element find logic, translators, etc.).
    • Translator optimization option for faster Recording experience.
    • Project Settings - added group select/deselect of...

Released: Oct 30, 2019

Updates in R3 2019 SP1


  • Ability to set the number of Test List Results displayed in the Executive Dashboard.
  • Added support for recording and execution with the new Microsoft Edge (Chromium-based) Beta.


  • Browser support: Fixed Chrome 78 Alert, Prompt and Download dialogs handling.
  • Browser support: OnBeforeUnload dialog not handled in Chrome 77.
  • Browser support: Fixed typo in ChromeArguments.
  • Bug tracking: Changed password label with proper hint in Jira bug tracking setup.
  • Element Explorer: Do not display...

Released: Oct 2, 2019

Updates in R3 2019


  • Executive dashboard service for displaying run results in a web browser, accessible from desktop and mobile devices.
  • Blazor application support.
  • Telerik UI for Blazor support - custom translators for easier access and automation.
  • Improved code editor - search, replace, comment, uncomment options added.
  • Test Lists in Test Studio Dev Edition (VS plugin) - Microsoft Visual Studio 2017/2019 support for creating and executing Test Studio test lists.
  • Option for selecting images as a primary...

Released: Sep 3, 2019

Updates in R2 2019 SP1


  • Added support for latest VisualStudio 2017/2019 Test Window.
  • Improved Image capturing for Web recording sessions to better pick element's image.
  • Improved image recognition on different Scaling and DPI settings.


  • Browsers: trigger AddEventListener for Span 'onClick' event.
  • Customer fix: VisualStudio 2019 'Welcome Screen' input fields are disabled with Test Studio extensions enabled.
  • Customer fix: Test Studio crashes trying to connect to TFS when opening results for specific projects...

Released: Jun 19, 2019

Updates in R2 2019


  • Image-Based Find Logic - Test Studio now supports element search based on predefined images. The 'Web' recorder will now capture both element's FindExpression and its Image. If the FindExpression fails the execution will fall back to the predefined image. You can also add a new element image or edit and update already recorded one either by directly uploading a new file or by using the in-house image recorder.
  • New in-product help guides - Click on the "rocket" button inside Test Studio...

Released: Apr 8, 2019

Updates in R1 2019 SP1


  • New:
    • Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 Support
  • Changed:
    • Redesigned scheduler to run sequential tests in static not distributed lists and reserve machines for the whole test list execution
    • Introduced unique test ID change when importing tests from other project using Windows Explorer or Add Existing Test option
    • Configure Scheduling Server approach to restart MongoDB/Storage/Scheduling Services changed to fix Unable To Start Service random cases
    • Removed the automatic enabling of 'ClosesBrowser...

Released: Feb 12, 2019

Updates in R1 2019


  • New Find Expression Builder as document pane allowing multiple element edits.
  • Scheduling pipe based local interprocess communication.
  • Scheduling execution agent unattended automatic self-recovery implemented.
  • Support for MS Windows 10 17763 (1809) Edge Browser with integrated WebDriver.
  • Global Save All shortcut Ctrl+Shift+S introduced.
  • KillBrowsersBeforeStart setting for all execution types in Test Studio.
  • New Ribbon tabs for Project, Tests and Elements.
  • ScrollToVisibleType Property for...

Released: Oct 4, 2018

Updates in R3 2018


  • Added Screen Recording option in Test Lists to generate videos of the test runs.
  • New Test List execution option to re-run failed tests for local and remote runs (Rerun Failed Tests).
  • Keep Machine Awake option implemented in Execution Client to ensure machine is not locked.
  • Reconnect To Console On Disconnect option implemented in Execution Client when remote session is disconnected.
  • New option implemented for JS Browser dialogs matches to be configurable and updated independently from...