About Telerik UI for Xamarin

Quality Xamarin UI controls for fast development and superior performance.

Telerik UI for Xamarin includes Xamarin.Forms controls and Visual Studio item templates that let you create professional-looking modern mobile apps for Android, iOS, and UWP from the same code base. The suite also comes with wrappers for iOS and Android that are built on top of true native iOS and Android components. The controls are implemented in UWP using the Telerik UI for UWP package.

Telerik UI for Xamarin Key Features:

  • Xamarin UI components for any app scenario
  • Native Control Wrappers
  • Mobile Blazor Bindings
  • Document processing libraries
  • Intuitive API 
  • World-class Technical Support 
  • Detailed documentation, code samples, showcases, demos & KBs
  • Free online technical training for active trialists and license holders
  • Visual Studio 2022 Support
  • Support for Windows & Mac
  • MVVM Support
  • Dark Mode Support
  • Localization and Globalization

Telerik UI for Xamarin Benefits:

Native Xamarin Controls & Advanced UI Virtualization
Create your next Xamarin.Forms app with extensive UI virtualization, fast loading, flexible customization possibilities, MVVM support, and countless other features, included in the comprehensive business-ready suite of feature-rich native UI controls that integrate effortlessly into your project.

Save Months in UI Development with One Suite for Any Scenario
Telerik UI for Xamarin includes all of the controls you'll ever need to create modern-looking, high-performance Xamarin.Forms apps. The toolkit, which is optimized for phones, tablets, and desktops, allows you to cut development time in half and focus on the business logic of your app.

Stay Ahead of the Xamarin Innovation Curve
Telerik is constantly one step ahead of the curve, whether it's Blazor Bindings, .NET MAUI, Telerik UI for Xamarin is always compatible with the newest cutting-edge technologies and best development techniques thanks to tight collaboration with the Microsoft team.

Dark Mode Support
Dark mode is more than a fad; it's a requirement. All Telerik UI for Xamarin components have been properly adjusted to support the Android Dark Theme and iOS Dark Mode, allowing users to choose between bright and dark themes for the best visual comfort.

Localization and Globalization
Send apps to anyone, in any country, in any language. Telerik UI for Xamarin controls are fully localizable and can identify device culture to apply the proper text, numeric, and date formats.

Document Processing Libraries
You can effortlessly import, export, create, manipulate, and convert the most common document file types such as XSLX, DOCX, and PDF in your Xamarin app with Telerik Document Processing Libraries developed for.NET Standard, without the need for Microsoft Office Interop.

Most Popular Xamarin UI Components:

  • Chart - Telerik UI for Xamarin Charts includes a vast number of chart and graph kinds, as well as series, that allow you to view data using native Desktop, iOS, and Android standards. Different chart and graph formats, such as Line, Area, and Spline Area, can be used to compare sets of data using horizontal or vertical Bar Charts, and/or to depict proportions using Pie Charts or Donut Charts.
  • DataGrid - The Telerik UI for Xamarin DataGrid is a feature-rich component that lets you effortlessly visualize and update tabular data in your Xamarin.Forms applications. The control may be populated from a variety of data sources, and it includes built-in CRUD operations as well as out-of-the-box support for filtering, sorting, grouping, validation and much more.
  • ListView - Data binding, load on demand, filtering, sorting, grouping, item swipe and pull to refresh, vertical and horizontal layouts, header, and footer support, and more are all included in this professionally designed, high-performance Xamarin ListView component.
  • Gauges - One of the key Xamarin.Forms controls for data visualization is the Telerik UI for Xamarin Gauges component. Linear and radial gauges that are extremely adjustable, dynamic, and user-friendly can be found there. All of this may be customized to display your data in the exact format you need.
  • Calendar & Scheduling - The Telerik UI for Xamarin Calendar makes it simple to integrate multiple calendar and scheduling situations into your Xamarin-based apps. The Xamarin Calendar has you covered whether you want to enable date selection or build a full-fledged scheduler.
  • ComboBox - Users can choose one or more items from a drop-down list of predefined options using the Telerik UI for Xamarin ComboBox. Editing, searching, single and multiple selection, a versatile styling API, dropdown modifications, and more are all included in the control.
  • RichTextEditor - Telerik RichTextEditor for Xamarin provides a suite of tools for creating, editing, and formatting text, paragraphs, lists, hyperlinks, and other rich textual content. • Image Editor - With the Image Editor control in Telerik UI for Xamarin, you can provide your mobile app's end-users the power to do basic and advanced image manipulations directly from their smartphone.
  • Conversational UI - Regardless of the chatbot framework you choose the Conversational UI component or Chat control for Telerik UI for Xamarin allows you to develop modern chat experiences in your Xamarin mobile apps, or to support a peer-to-peer chat scenario.