TList Pro

TList Pro allows you to display items in a list hierarchically, to organize and display logically grouped elements. Use TList to create directory trees in the style of Windows File Manager or Windows Explorer. TList Pro supports drag and drop, sorting, printing, and more.

What's new in TList V8.0.20?

  • Updated Documentation
  • New Feature: Smooth Scroll support for tall items - TList 8 provides support for scrolling in either a row-by-row manner or in a smooth pixel based manner. Moreover TList 8 can be set to automatically recognize tall cells and intelligently adjust the scrolling mechanism in response to the height of the data currently in view.

What's New in V8.0?

Windows Vista Support

  • TList 8 OCX is first TList OCX edition formally designed, tested and...

Prices from: $ 575.04

Developer License: One software license is required per developer (each developer may register for use on Three machines). Licenses may not be shared among developers. A separate license must be...

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