TList WinForms

TList WinForms for .Net is the .NET version of the TList ActiveX component. This product has been completely rewritten to take advantage of the infrastructure provided by .NET so you can maximize your development productivity. TList WinForms for .Net integrates seamlessly with Microsoft's .NET Framework. As a result, you get an easy-to-use, robust grid, list or tree component to create user-friendly interfaces that meet your development needs.

TList Winfors for .Net Features

One Control - Many Views

  • Show as a List, a Tree, or a Grid

Also supports combination

  • Multi-Column Tree within a Grid
  • Grids as Children of Tree items

Fast, huge lists

  • Holds over to 2x106 items in a list
  • Add 20,000 rows/second Real Mode, (with just a 200 mhz pc ) Or - Instant Performance Virtual Load

Printing / Report Generation

  • Headers/Footers, Zoom or Shrink, Column Titles on each page, Page #'s
  • Flexible yet Easy - just one line of code

Fonts and Colors

  • Bold...

Prices from: $ 587.02

Developer License: One software license is required per developer (each developer may register for use on Three machines). Licenses may not be shared among developers. A separate license must be...

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glenn.parkerUSA5 star
We are using C# exclusively for development with TList WinForms. The documentation is mostly tailored for VB, but it's straightforward to figure out most of the C# parallels. We needed to use the... Read more

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