About TList WinForms

Add a grid, list or tree component to your .NET apps.

TList WinForms for .Net is the .NET version of the TList ActiveX component. This product has been completely rewritten to take advantage of the infrastructure provided by .NET so you can maximize your development productivity. TList WinForms for .Net integrates seamlessly with Microsoft's .NET Framework. As a result, you get an easy-to-use, robust grid, list or tree component to create user-friendly interfaces that meet your development needs.

TList Winfors for .Net Features

One Control - Many Views

  • Show as a List, a Tree, or a Grid

Also supports combination

  • Multi-Column Tree within a Grid
  • Grids as Children of Tree items

Fast, huge lists

  • Holds over to 2x106 items in a list
  • Add 20,000 rows/second Real Mode, (with just a 200 mhz pc ) Or - Instant Performance Virtual Load

Printing / Report Generation

  • Headers/Footers, Zoom or Shrink, Column Titles on each page, Page #'s
  • Flexible yet Easy - just one line of code

Fonts and Colors

  • Bold, Italic, Underline, Colors
  • Even RTF Formatting !
  • Format by Row, Grid Cell, Column, or Hierarchic Level


  • Distinct images for each item in the list, or each grid cell, Background Pictures, Category Pictures, Tree Pictures, more

Full Featured Grid support:

  • Present as flat or hierarchic grid, individual rows can have child grids
  • Hide or show row/column headers
  • Hide or show grid lines
  • Hidden rows and columns
  • Multi-line word wrapping within cells
  • Distinct colors, fonts etc for every cell
  • User resizable columns
  • Specify cell borderstyle
  • Text and images in each cell
  • Identify row/column clicked on
  • Parse delimited strings to/from multi-column rows of data
  • Reorder columns

File I/O , Data Storage

  • Save or Load all data and formatting with just one line of code. TList data files can replace Databases for many applications. Of course it's easy to load from a database as well

Background Image

  • Can be tiled, centered, stretched, etc.
  • Transparent or Gradient Background

Great for multimedia

  • Clipboard Support
  • Cut and paste via the clipboard. Even paste the Tree (text only) into a word processor

VisualRoot Property

  • Restrict view to specified tree branch


  • Assign items to distinct categories, independent of tree structure
  • Hide or show any category
  • Display category images

Multiple Selections

  • Select with mouse or keyboard. Selected Array allows easy access to all selected items

Drag & Drop

  • Drag between controls or within TList. TList automatically scrolls the control during drag & drop
  • Automated Drag and Drop Support
  • No code is required to drag and drop within TList or between TList controls

Multi-Line Word Wrapping

  • Up to 32,767 characters per item
  • Pictures can be aligned with the top, middle or center of the text lines

Hidden Fields

  • Each line in TList can hold a String value, Numeric value, or Picture - TList can also search, sort, or simply to hold extra data such as database record pointers


  • Sorts by Branch or by Heirarchic level
  • Sort by any column, or by hidden data
  • Sort options include Case Sensitivity, Alpha / Numeric sort, Parent Nodes first


  • Searches visible text in any column or hidden data values. Find complete strings, substrings, or starts-with

Expand to Level

  • Expand/Collapse entire tree to specified level of hierarchy

Subscription Updates Option - The subscription License Option for TList WinForms for .Net:

  • Free upgrades to new editons of TList WinForms for .Net component products introduced over the following 12 months.
  • Free Update Support for life to new features introduced in the current edition of TList WinForms for .Net