UC-Mobile (UCm), UltraCompare for USB flash drives

UC Mobile (UCm) is the portable version of the award-winning UltraCompare Professional. UCm gives you access to your most needed features of UltraCompare professional no matter where you are; Desktop, Laptop, or guest on someone's PC or server. Best of all, UCm remembers your custom configurations. With UCm you will always have your preferred editing environment with you.

UltraCompare Mobile Solution

  • Installs on PortableApps
  • Same features as UltraCompare Professional
  • Leaves no footprint on host computer
  • Take UltraCompare anywhere

PortableApps is an open-source, free USB-drive operating system platform that is available for any user with a simple USB flash drive. Simply install the PortableApps software on your USB flash drive and you're ready to go - carry all of your favorites, settings, email, and more with you - and now with UC Mobile (UltraCompare for...

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UC-Mobile (UCm) released
UC-Mobile (UCm) released
Compare files and folders and merge the differences on the move.
One software license is required per user. All new licenses come with 1 free upgrade to the next release and lifetime technical support via email. To receive upgrades after the first release you will...

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