VectorDraw Developer Framework (VDF) 8.8006.x

Released: Nov 24, 2020

Updates in 8.8006.x


  • Added the ability to use vdText and vdMtext objects in Trim and Extend commands.
  • Improved the speed of GetTransformedSelectedObjects.
  • Added a new property to the properties list.
  • Added a new method getTangentAtPoint to the vdCurve.
  • Changes have been made in order for the VDF to be compatible with Microsoft .NET Core 3 and the new Microsoft .NET 5 references.
  • Added support for LAS and LAZ laser point cloud data formats.
  • Added the ability to have only one type of object selected to show the type of the objects in the combobox of the properties list instead of "items selected".
  • Added a new functionality in the bHatch dialog (command).
  • Added vdAttrib TextString override to get/set the ValueString property of vdAttrib objects.
  • Added a new method to the CommandAction, cmdDistance(bool showdialog, out double distance) that returns the distance as a double and shows (or not) the message box with the result.
  • Added a new value FitToUserDefine (for ScaleModeFlag enum) of vdDocument.ActionScaleMode property. If the ActionScaleMode property has the value ScaleModeFlag.FitToUserDefine then the result scaling is divided by a user defined distance when CmdScale is called.


  • Bug: 70001798 Polar track is not working properly with nearest Osnaps.
  • Bug: 70001799 Dimension with refrence objects cannot be added to block with cmdMakeBlock.
  • Bug: 70001802 In IFC drawing points dialog shows a lot of cross points.
  • Bug: 70001806 Error converting specific drawing to and from DWG DXF.
  • Bug: 70001809 FadeEffect is not working properly in 3D render mode.
  • Bug: 70001810 EdgeEffect of DashedLine does not work in Perspective mode.
  • Bug: 70001811 Text with Jewish texts are not exported properly in PDF.
  • Bug: 70001814 Attribute text in blocks are visible on layers set to off.
  • Bug: 70001815 vdInsert with attributes containing escaped backslash cause the text to move up.
  • Bug: 70001817 Error saving to vdml vdcl with vdLayerGroup objects.
  • Bug: 70001837 vdSectionClips together not hiding tooltips and selection highlight.
  • Bug: 70001821 Offset is not working properly in specific polyline.
  • Bug: 70001824 GetModel2DProjection results are not correct in latest versions.
  • Bug: 70001827 File is not exported properly in DXF.
  • Bug: 70001828 cmdPolyline fails when I try to draw a polyline like a circle.
  • Bug: 70001831 MultiView layout dialog issue.
  • Bug: 70001838 vdMultilineStyleElements Sort throws an exception.
  • Bug: 70001839 cmdMirror issue with vdLeader object.
  • Bug: 70001842 An exception is thrown when mouse over the screen block icon.
  • Bug: 70001845 vdInsert with entities on Layer Off has wrong Bounding box.
  • Bug: 70001852 The origin point of the user DynamicRotation action is not always right selected.
  • Bug: 70001853 Part of the drawing is not visible in some special casesin 3D render modes.
  • Bug: 70001854 DXF with weird linetype name is not saved correctly.
  • Bug: 70001858 Extension object snap is not working properly.
  • Bug: 70001861 Some lines widths are not drawn correctly.
  • Bug: 70001862 Character hex A0 is not displayed properly with TrueType fonts.
  • Bug: 70001863 When you click on the cube to change the view, it is changing the scaling of the selected worldToView matrix.
  • Bug: 70001867 CmdScale throws an exception for vdDimension with ReferenceObj.
  • Bug: 70001868 Scale of vdPolyline with Widths does not write Widths property to Undo History.
  • Bug: 70001870 DXF SPLINE is not opened correctly.
  • Bug: 70001871 Volume issue.
  • Bug: 70001873 vdPolyline Union improvements.