VectorDraw Developer Framework (VDF) 9.9001x

Released: Apr 7, 2021

Updates in 9.9001x


  • Changed LayoutTab size.
  • Libraries can now be used on Linux systems.
  • Improved vdBlock AttributeSync.
  • Export ResolveHandles to Wrapper component.
  • Added support for line transparency during PDF export.
  • Export UseAdvancedAlgorithm to Wrapper component.
  • Export multi-page PDFs for different drawing layouts.
  • Added new property to define OsnapModeVisibility precision.
  • Added new CustomAction example.


  • Offset issue with complex polyline.
  • RegenAll is slow in some rare cases.
  • Multiline with arcs raises an error when all osnaps are enabled.
  • Polylines with Widths are not rendered properly in different zoom levels.
  • Intersection3DTrianglePlane throws Unknown Error.
  • LineWeight combobox is not displaying correct the values.
  • xref Manager form when canceling an attach of a drawing shows the cmdInsert dialog.
  • vdLeader is not exported correctly.
  • Texts in PDF file are not in the correct position.
  • vdLayersCombo and other special combos wish.
  • 3DFaces after joining become with visible edges.
  • Mtext with ttf font without extension issue.
  • Bhatch by peeking a point returns wrong results.
  • Very Large DXF file crashes.
  • Bhatch picking a point inside a circle gives different results depending where the point is. 
  • Object is highlighted in Perspective mode while it should not.
  • Mtext character space is not handled correctly.
  • Block that name ends in dotP is not inserted properly.
  • ExecuteCommand with Select throws an exception.
  • dInserts with PenColor Forground are not drawn properly.
  • Import PDF does not display properly some texts.
  • Left Double click on Split Layouts does not activate and maximize viewports properly.
  • Leaders are not exported properly in DWG file.
  • Mtext is not saved correctly in DXF when have baseline justify.