About VectorDraw Web Library

Add CAD drawing and vector object display to your HTML5 apps.

VectorDraw Web Library is a vector graphics library designed to not only open CAD drawings but also to display generic vector objects on any platform that supports the HTML 5 standard, such as Windows, Android, IOS and Linux. It can be executed in every major web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Dolphin, Boat and more) that support the use of canvas and Javascript, without any installation. This means that you can show your work from many formats like DXF, DWG, DGN, VDML and more, on almost every Computer, Tablet, Smartphone or Laptop. VectorDraw web library is written exclusively in Javascript and runs on the client side; it also contains an object model similar to that of DXF and .Net VectorDraw Framework components.

The key to the VectorDraw Web Library control is the .vds format that VectorDraw have created. The user converts their drawings into vds format using vdfCAD or the VectorDraw Developers Framework library and then uploads them to a server and then the web control (inserted in a webpage) is capable of downloading this file to the client's machine and displaying it. Using javascript the developer of the website can get the file in a DXF like form. Layers , Layouts , Entities , colors , geometrical properties of the entities etc... are all there at the disposal of the developer. The initial release of VectorDraw Web Library control includes a powerfull CAD viewer with some basic edit capabilities but it is a project that is evolving very quickly and is incorporating user requirements and suggestions.

When you export your drawing you will have to enter (either vdfCAD or VDF export method) a LicVal which is a code provided to you on purchase based on the location of the server where the drawing is going to be opened from. You will have to obtain LicVals for each location where you are going to place your drawings. If you do not provide a LicVal then an evaluation bitmap will be shown when you open the drawing from your server.