VMem is designed to be plugged in to any C++ codebase. VMem can take over the job of managing memory for the entire process by overriding the global new and delete. VMem is designed to be very fast, especially under high contention, and have a very low memory overhead. VMem also has extensive error checking and debug features.

VMem Features

  • A C++ memory manager designed to be used as a general purpose malloc replacement.
  • Designed to perform well under high contention, and to keep fragmentation and to a minimum. This is particularly import for long running applications in a constrained memory environment.
  • Speed up any application that makes heavy use of new and delete, especially of the application is multi-threaded.
  • Employs fast caches for each allocator, in the general case an allocation is little more than a single...

Latest News

VMem 3.2
VMem 3.2
Adds support for Unreal Engine 4.18 and Nintendo Switch.
VMem 3.1
VMem 3.1
A C++ memory manager that can speed up your application and reduce memory overhead.

Prices from: $ 2,985.99

VMem is licensed per product, per platform and is for an unlimited distribution. For example, to use VMem in a single product on two platforms (Windows and Linux), you will need two licenses, The VMem...

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  • Any C++ codebase on any platform.