WebMail Pro for PHP Licensing

If you need to discuss your licensing requirements for WebMail Pro for PHP, please contact our Afterlogic licensing specialists.

All the licenses are perpetual and allow for the modification of the source code for the purpose of integration of WebMail Pro with your internal legacy systems.
OEM redistribution with your products to third parties is not permitted. To include WebMail Pro into your web application which can be sold to third parties (rather than being used on your servers only), please contact sales@componentsource.comfor details.

Per-user licenses - Intended for all kinds of customers including corporates and providers.
Clients of shared hosting services on cPanel/Plesk/DirectAdmin servers should also select this option. License is based on the number of users (mailboxes) on your mail servers. Permits installation on multiple servers and clusters.

Per-server licenses* - This is a special offer intended for providers of shared hosting services on cPanel/Plesk/DirectAdmin servers. License is based on the number of such servers in your network.
* To qualify for obtaining per-server license, customer must run cPanel, Plesk, DirectAdmin or other hosting control panel, with root access to it. This license allows for serving up to 25,000 per a single installation

1 Year of free support and updates is included in the initial license fee.
Maintenance renewal for subsequent years is 100% of the software cost annually.

License Agreements

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September 11, 2020