WebMail Pro for PHP Releases

Released: Sep 13, 2023

Updates in v9.7.4


  • Security-related modules have been grouped in user settings.
  • Improved rendering of Microsoft Outlook messages.


  • Various fixes and improvements.

Released: Sep 1, 2023

Updates in v9.7.3


  • You can now schedule the enabling or disabling of the Autoresponder.
  • Added support for external system password encryption in password change and signup modules.


  • Fixed various issues with recurring tasks and events.
  • Fixed issue with displaying multiline text in event ICS preview.
  • Fixed issue with importing ICS containing international characters.
  • Fixed issues with deprecated code in Nextcloud integration app.
  • Docker images updated to correct issues with DAV access.
  • Outlook Sync...

Released: Jul 26, 2023

Updates in v9.7.2


  • Added password reset support when changing passwords via POPPASSD.
  • Added multi-line support for 'Location' field in Calendar.
  • Added support for path-style requests in S3 file storage modules.


  • Fixed issue with renaming folders when IgnoreImapSubscription was enabled.
  • Corrected issue with cPanel integration.
  • Various bugfixes and improvements.

Released: Jun 6, 2023

Updates in v9.7.1


  • Event appointments can now be added using CalDAV.
  • In Files, selection is now cleared when clicking an empty area.
  • Removing logs older than 'N' days is now configurable.
  • Added PHP-FastCGI Process Manager (FPM) support in Debian/Ubuntu packages in addition to PHP as an Apache module.
  • Added Fastpanel integration.
  • Updated various JavaScript libraries used as dependencies, known vulnerabilities have been removed.
  • Code refactoring: PhpStan level 2 compliance has been maintained.
  • Device...

Released: Mar 20, 2023

Updates in v9.7.0


  • Password reset feature has been added to 'cPanel'.
  • User signup has been added for Plesk and DirectAdmin.
  • Emoji support has been added in Sieve filters.
  • Added default reminders for calendar events.
  • Lifetime option has been added to public links in files storage.
  • Added flexible RocketChat account name mapping.
  • Tenant-level admin panel interface has been rewritten.
  • Debian package configuration has been revised for compatibility.
  • IframeApp module has been refactored.


  • Fixed DAV...

Released: Nov 17, 2022

Updates in v9.6.1


  • Tenant admin-panel has been rewritten.
  • EnableFailedLoginBlock setting now also affects 'superadmin' users.
  • Updated the Chinese-Simplified translation.
  • Updated the Dutch translation.


  • Fixed LDAP change password issue with PHP 8.1.
  • Corrected an issue with creating Mail.config.json file.
  • Fixed issue with scrollbar in log viewer.
  • Various bugfixes.

Released: Aug 18, 2022

Updates in v9.6.0


  • In version 9.4, the ability to share encrypted files with teammates was added. In order to use it, you would need to have the OpenPGP key of the other user stored in your personal contacts. With this release, that's no longer necessary. Once the user adds their public key, it automatically gets stored in Team contacts, and everyone in the team can use it to share encrypted files with that user.
  • Added new Dark theme.
  • Added the ability to unsubscribe from newsletters with a single click...

Released: Jul 1, 2022

Updates in v9.5.2


  • Fixed issues with sharing files and address books with Team.
  • Fixed issue with moving files from subfolder to root folder.
  • Minor bugfixes.

Released: Jun 11, 2022

Updates in v9.5.1


  • Fixed the problem of sharing the personal address book.

Released: Jun 7, 2022

Updates in v9.5.0


  • Added support for multiple address books, address book management is enabled by default.
  • Added the ability to share address books.
  • WebMail Pro Office document editor and viewer now fully supports OnlyOffice v7 with JWT protection enabled.
  • Files under "Shared with me" are now listed fully, regardless of whether they're in root folder.
  • "Use SSL" options have been added under "IMAP and SMTP hosts for external mail clients" section of mail server settings.
  • Various optimizations have been...