WebMail Pro for PHP Releases

Released: Feb 8, 2021

Updates in v8.5.4


  • Addressed DAV-related security issue.

Released: Jan 18, 2021

Updates in v8.5.3


  • Event invitation mails are now sent by DAV server, regardless of client used.
  • Modules can now add handlers for the revised ContentSecurityPolicy.
  • Security keys and backup codes are now supported when using Two-factor authentication (2FA).


  • Fixed an issue with double quote character in Sieve rules.
  • Fixed an issue when pressing R added that character to the reply.
  • Fixed an issue with displaying inline images with "image/jpg" content type.
  • Fixed an issue with link URL getting replaced...

Released: Nov 11, 2020

Updates in v8.5.2


  • Added lang parameter to SSO entry point.
  • Added the ability to insert templates into the HTML editor on the compose screen.
  • Data directory protection has been improved.
  • "Update configuration" now also handles main config.json file.
  • Updated Dropbox integration.

Released: Sep 22, 2020

Updates in v8.5.1


  • Added support for sending Content-Security-Policy header which helps prevent cross-site scripting, clickjacking, code injection attacks. CSP instructs the browser to load content from only allowed sources.
  • Added new MultipleFilesUploadLimit setting.
  • Added the ability to upload directories with subdirectories.
  • Improved storing of PGP keys in Contacts.
  • Added the ability to show encryption vector (IV) and AES key in UI
  • VCF export now includes contact groups.


  • Various bug fixes.

Released: Aug 22, 2020

Updates in v8.5.0


  • Added conditional forwarding option for Sieve filters.
  • Added secure shared links functionality.
  • Paranoid encryption revised, PGP is now used.
  • Added an option for disabling RTL rendering.


  • Fixed issue with public links for folders.
  • Fixed issue getting iOS profile in mobile layout.
  • Fixed issue with IMAP and SMTP hosts for external mail clients specified when creating mail server.

Released: Jun 22, 2020

Updates in v8.4.0


  • Added auto-discover support for mobile apps - If you enter an email address, for example, username@domain.com, the mobile app will check the domain.com server for a WebMail Pro installation.
  • File sharing feature release.
  • PGP functionality rewritten, with keys stored in contacts.

Released: Apr 28, 2020

Updates in v8.3.18


  • Store last login info for user account.
  • Added DAV support for login matching username rather than email.
  • X-Originating-IP header name is now configurable.
  • Branding module now allows for enabling custom Iframe.
  • ReCaptcha functionality configuration extended.
  • User counter added in admin interface.


  • Mail login form issues fixed.
  • PHP 7.3 compatibility issues corrected.
  • User activity logs were not updated on login.
  • External links corrected in mobile version.

Released: Feb 21, 2020

Updates in v8.3.16


  • S3 storage is supported for personal and corporate files.
  • Recaptcha enabled in mobile version now.


  • Fixed issue with Recaptcha used in mail login form.
  • Fixed issue with sending mail in mobile version using linked account.
  • Fixed issue with clicking external link in mobile version.
  • Public links to files are now correctly retained upon moving the file.
  • For shared files, owner is now displayed correctly.
  • Various bugfixes.

Released: Dec 19, 2019

Updates in v8.3.15


  • French and Spanish translations updated.
  • Mail login form corrected for mobile version.
  • Corrected handling of IMAP quota values exceeding Int32 limit.
  • Fixed issue with collected addresses not suggested in autocompletion.
  • Fixed issue with contacts duplication in global address book.
  • Fixed issue with sharing contacts.
  • Fixed issue with LogStackTrace setting being ignored.
  • Minor bug fixes.

Released: Nov 29, 2019

Updates in v8.3.14


  • Remote Stored XSS in attachment's name.
  • Sometimes Reply All adds sender in CC field.
  • Attachments are not attached on compose.