WebMail Pro for PHP v9.7.0

Released: Mar 20, 2023

Updates in v9.7.0


  • Password reset feature has been added to 'cPanel'.
  • User signup has been added for Plesk and DirectAdmin.
  • Emoji support has been added in Sieve filters.
  • Added default reminders for calendar events.
  • Lifetime option has been added to public links in files storage.
  • Added flexible RocketChat account name mapping.
  • Tenant-level admin panel interface has been rewritten.
  • Debian package configuration has been revised for compatibility.
  • IframeApp module has been refactored.


  • Fixed DAV compatibility issue with PHP 8.2.
  • Fixed expanding attachments in messages opened in separate window/tab.
  • Fixed issue with custom message sorting.
  • Fixed issue with ReCAPTCHA missing on signup page.
  • Fixed issue with DAV access in some configurations.
  • Fixed issues with DAV in Debian packages.
  • Miscellaneous bugfixes.