WebMail Pro for PHP v9.7.1

Released: Jun 6, 2023

Updates in v9.7.1


  • Event appointments can now be added using CalDAV.
  • In Files, selection is now cleared when clicking an empty area.
  • Removing logs older than 'N' days is now configurable.
  • Added PHP-FastCGI Process Manager (FPM) support in Debian/Ubuntu packages in addition to PHP as an Apache module.
  • Added Fastpanel integration.
  • Updated various JavaScript libraries used as dependencies, known vulnerabilities have been removed.
  • Code refactoring: PhpStan level 2 compliance has been maintained.
  • Device management in 2FA module has been rewritten.
  • Improved pasting from Microsoft Excel, with borders retained.
  • Grouping contacts improved: Contacts from custom address books can now be included.
  • Files status bar has been redesigned.
  • Quasar 2 and VueJS 3 are now used in admin panel.
  • German translation has been overhauled.


  • Fixed various data encryption issues.
  • Corrected issues with accepting invitations from Google Calendar.
  • Fixed issues with displaying larger messages in Notes.
  • Corrected issue with navigating in Month view of calendar.
  • Fixed issues with recurring tasks length.
  • Fixed DAV browser plugin incompatibility with PHP 8.2.
  • Corrected an issue with DAV update in cPanel installer.
  • Corrected various issues with exporting contacts.
  • Various fixes and improvements.