wPDF is a PDF maker which is optimized for greater compatibility with most drawing commands commonly found in Windows applications. Used alone, with your own component or linked with WPTools, wPDF instantly creates PDF files. wPDF is compatible with WPTools, WPForm, QuickReport and HTMLView, to name just a few possibilities. This component provides you with a compatible 'canvas' property which you can use for direct drawing.


wPDF converts enhanced metafiles to PDF while preserving the vector and text information. This results in small PDF files which can be printed at high resolution, thus making wPDF superior to other solutions which convert embedded metafiles into bitmaps. wPDF supports the usual PDF features, including compression and 128 bit encryption and it was the first Delphi library to allow embedding of font subsets to reduce file size even further.


The code needed for to create a PDF file is...

Latest News

wPDF v4.71
wPDF v4.71
Adds support for RAD Studio 10.3 Rio.
wPDF v4.60.0
wPDF v4.60.0
Improves baseline for certain fonts when converted to Type 3 and revises font height calculation.
wPDF V4.51
wPDF V4.51
Improves baseline calculation for Type3 fonts.
wPDF V4.0 released
wPDF V4.0 released
New version adds PNG exporting and improves font support.

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Standard Edition One software license is required per developer. This Edition can not be used for Internet based development. DCUs Edition One Software license is required per developer. DCUs to...

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