WPTools Premium v9.2.001

Released: Dec 13, 2020

Updates in v9.2.001


  • Improved WPImagelist component which holds the icons for the TWPToolbar - If you add the unit WPIcons to your project all TWPToolbars will automatically use the new icons. The color icons can now display the current color.
    • You can also use the WPImageList with the TWPToolButtons to create a modern GUI easily.
    • The WPImageList can also populate a standard TImageList.
    • The TWPImageList now includes an embedded SVG rendering engine to render toolbar and ruler symbols at the correct resolution at the time they are required. This reduces the size of the application and at the same time offers support for any high resolution. Since rendering can be adapted it is possible to use the same SVG source for light and dark themes. Requires Embarcadero Delphi XE2 and later.
    • The SVG rendering engine is also used by the new components TWPSvgImage and TWPSvgGDIRenderComponent which can be used to display SVG graphics.
  • PropertyGrids - To display an inspector like grid, you can now use the new API AppendPropertyGrid and AppendPropertyRow.
  • Inplace Editors and Checkbox controls - Check boxes can be automatically created within property grids. They can also be added in code to any cell or text object.
    • It is now possible to have round and square check boxes with radio button functionality. It is also possible to use an event to paint the appearance, i.e. by using gylphs from the TWPImageList. The extended properties used by the inplace editors can be saved in WPT format.
  • Improved API:
    • Compact coding - Many low level TParagraph methods return a reference of the used paragraph. This makes compact and easy to understand coding possible. You can simply append assignments and insertions separated with ‘.’.
    • Improved function TableAdd to force a row break after a certain column.
    • There is now a simplified variant of TableAdd() which works with an anonymous procedure as callback.
    • Improved function GotoBody to move the cursor which is in a text box in the body text at the closest position.
    • A colspan parameter can now be specified in TParagraph.AppendNewCell.
    • The layer TWPRTFDataBlock now includes LoadFromString and LoadFromStream with FormatString parameter.
    • Added new functions to make programmers live more easier, such as GetSelStartEnd, InputTextbox, etc.
  • Added new options for the WYSIWYG header and footer support:
    • In property ViewOptionsEx2 this flags are supported:
      • wpNoBlueRectsAroundHeaderFooterWhileEditing.
      • wpNoBlueRectsAroundTextboxWhileEditing.
    • In property EditOptionsEx2 this flags are supported:
      • wpDontEnterHeaderOnClick – do not enter the header on mouse click.
        • On Cursor movement the body is selected instead.
      • wpDontEnterFooterOnClick – do not enter the footer on mouse click.
        • On Cursor movement the body is selected instead.
  • Added the ability to automatically direct all character attribute changes to the attributes of the paragraph.
  • Added support for the Microsoft Windows Emoji Font - Symbol objects can now be rendered using Direct2D (on a temporary bitmap, for compatibility). This enables the colors in certain fonts, such as the Segoe UI Emoji font. The emoticons are saved and loaded in standard RTF, HTML and DOCX format.
  • Added support for Microsoft Windows Emoji Dialog. Family symbols, skin tone and gender modifier are also supported.
  • Several important improvements in GUI, HTML loading, RTF loading, DOCX support:
    • You can use the global variable WPDrawRectWithBitmap_bitmap to show a themed “desktop”.
    • The ruler can now use the current theme and draw enlarged symbols (Embarcadero Delphi XE2+)
    • Improved RTF reading and writing.
    • Improved HTML reading and writing.
    • Improved touch support.
    • Improved UNDO support.
    • Improved support for embedded SVG images (in WPT format).