About Xceed Business Suite for WPF

A set of WPF controls for mission-critical applications.

Xceed Business Suite for WPF is a resource-friendly set of components for building WPF applications. It includes a WPF datagrid control, 3D views, listbox and editors that are all data-virtualized and use various techniques to ensure responsiveness and a high-performance UI. It also provides themes and UX-enhancing controls.

Xceed Business Suite for WPF Features

  • Datagrid - Includes the fast, powerful and mature Xceed DataGrid for WPF. A WPF datagrid that provides a rich, fluid and high performance user experience. It has a rich feature set with over 185 capabilities and provides advanced smooth scrolling and zero-lag data virtualization.
  • Toolkit - Includes Xceed Toolkit Plus for WPF, a widely used collection of WPF controls, panels and themes for creating next generation Windows applications.
  • Themes - Lets your developers or designers style any WPF app in minutes with beautiful, polished themes, creating uniform user interfaces for commercial applications. Includes Windows, Office, and several original designer-created themes.