About Xceed Toolkit Plus for WPF

Essential WPF controls.

Xceed Toolkit Plus for WPF provides essential controls, panels and themes that are needed by every WPF developer in the course of building an application’s UI. The themes apply not only to the toolkit’s controls, but all base WPF controls as well.

Included WPF Controls

  • BusyIndicator - Lets users know when an application is busy performing an operation so they don't think it has frozen.
  • ButtonSpinner - A two -button spinner control that can be added to any element.
  • Calculator - Provides basic math functions, memory operations (clear, store, recall, add, and subtract), and mouse and keyboard support
  • CalculatorUpDown - Provides a TextBox with button spinners that allow incrementing/decrementing numeric values by button clicks, keyboard up/down arrows, or mouse wheel, and also provides a Calculator dropdown that allows you to perform mathematical calculations.
  • CheckComboBox - A combo box whose dropdown items are preceded by a checkbox.
  • CheckListBox - A listbox control whose items are preceded by a checkbox.
  • ChildWindow - A modal content control that can be placed over sections of a view or over other content controls, locking out the rest. Displays within the bounds limits of a specific parent container.
  • CollectionEditor - Allows for the editing of collections.
  • ColorCanvas - A color editor that provides sliders to control RGB and alpha values.
  • ColorPicker - A color editor that uses the ColorCanvas and also provides "palettes" of Available, Standard, and Recent colors.
  • DateTimePicker - Combines a date and a time picker into one handy control.
  • DateTimeUpDown - Allows users to increase/decrease parts of date through mouse/keyboard. Ideal for situations where space is limited.
  • DecimalUpDown - A decimal -based numerical up -down control.
  • DoubleUpDown - A double -based numerical up -down control.
  • DropDownButton - A button that when clicked displays a drop -down in which you can place any custom content.
  • IntegerUpDown - An integer based numerical up -down control.
  • Magnifier - Lets users magnify any part of an application using a circular, rectangular, or custom (templated) shape.
  • MaskedTextBox - An important control missing from WPF and WPT Toolkit!
  • MessageBox - Unlike the corresponding WPF control, this one is themable!
  • MultiLineTextEditor - A resizable multi -line text editor that displays in a dropdown.
  • Pie - An ideal way to display data, in an easily digestible way.
  • PropertyGrid - Mimics Microsoft's property grid control. Comes with 14 built -in editors, and supports custom editors.
  • RichTextBox - Similar to the Microsoft control, but with crucial differences—a property that can bind to the property of another object, which contains the formatted text; plain, RTF, XAML, or custom formatting.
  • RichTextBoxFormatBar - Similar to the contextual text formatting bar in Office 2007 and higher. Can be used with either the included RichTextBox or the standard Microsoft control.
  • SplitButton - Combines a button and a drop down in which you can place any custom content.
  • TimelinePanel - A panel that arranges its children along a timeline, based on the date of each item.
  • TimePicker - Allows users to select a time. Mimics the one found in the Silverlight Toolkit, but is not a direct port.
  • WatermarkTextBox - Displays a configurable watermark in a textbox. Used by all input controls.
  • Wizard - A highly configurable ItemsControl -based wizard control whose content can be anything. Doesn't use the navigation framework found in other controls.
  • Zoombox - Defines an area with zoom and pan functionality for its contents.
  • WPF Chart Control - Display rich, configurable charts with multiple areas. It supports area, column (bar), line and pie charts.
  • Docking Window Control - Create customizable layouts.
  • PileFlowPanel Control - Flow items flow smoothly to the left and right of the central, selected element.
  • Listbox Control - Combines the streamlined form factor of a listbox with path views.
  • Material Hamburger - Lets you pop a side menu with animated items. Similar to what you find on mobile applications.
  • Icon Button - Lets you add an icon and some data to a button’s content. IconButton also makes it easier to customize the “Background”, “BorderBrush” and “Foreground”.