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JetBrains Testimonials

It (ReSharper) speeds up coding to such an extent that it feels awkward and slow when it's not available.

Ben Franklin, Senior Developer at Quba

dotCover Testimonials

The dotCover tool makes code coverage analysis as simple and fast as it was never before.

Thomas Weller, C#/.NET software development

ReSharper Testimonials

Once you learn to use it, you'll never want to code without it.

Jeremy Knight, Island Technology Services

ReSharper from JetBrains is the best thing that ever happened to Visual Studio.

Tom A. Puleo, Independent Contractor, ESC Development

If you're using it you probably agree and if you aren't you should be. The productivity gains are incredible.

Jaco Pretorius, ThoughtWorks

R# actually, with its remarks, made me a better programmer. It made my sometimes dumb code into nice, elegant and clever code.

Kornelije Sajler, Software Developer, UX Passion

The things that ReSharper showed me and taught me are simply amazing.

Gerard de Brieder, Founder, Govannon