ComponentSource Secure Card

Buying from our site using a credit card is secure. However, if you are still concerned why not use the ComponentSource Secure Card option?

If you do not wish to send your credit card details over the Internet ComponentSource can offer other alternatives: Register your credit card details with us by telephone and we will issue you with a unique number and password that you can use to purchase from us over the Internet. We will then relate your purchases to the credit card details you have lodged with us. Here is what to do:

  • Step 1: Register on the Web
  • Step 2: Call us to get a ComponentSource Secure Card number
  • Step 3: Select the items that you would like to buy in your Cart
  • Step 4: On the payment information screen select "ComponentSource Secure Card" as a "Card Type"
  • Step 5: Enter your ComponentSource card number and in the "Name on Card" field enter your password

Alternatively, you can call us and place your order over the telephone with one of our Customer Services Representatives who will be happy to help you.