Buying from a Quote

Items saved in a quote can be bought up to 30 days later at the saved price.

To place an order for items stored in a quote, go to the quote you wish to buy and select either the "Buy on Creditcard" button, or if you have a ComponentSource Credit Account set up and wish to buy on invoice, select the "Buy on Account" option instead. Read about our corporate purchase payment option.

Read the license agreement and click the "I agree" button if you wish to proceed.

Check that your delivery and invoice details are correct and update these if need be by returning to the quote. Please note, the tax applied to your order may vary according to a number of factors: these include your address, the registration / delivery address for your product(s), and the type of product purchased. Where applicable, tax is calculated and rounded at a per-unit level. See more.

Now choose how you would like to provide your payment details: via "Secure Server", "Standard Server" or over the "Telephone". Each method offers different benefits and levels of security. If you do not wish to send your credit card details over the Web (encrypted or otherwise), then you can call us free.

Complete your payment details and click the "Authorize Now" button.
If you are a corporate purchaser enter your account number and password when prompted for payment details.

Your order will then be processed and after a few seconds will show status as "Complete" if it has been successful.
Click the "Next" button to view your order summary.

From the order summary page, please click the "Download Now" button to start downloading your product. Follow the on-screen instructions to download the file to your preferred location.