Emailing a Quote

Email yourself or someone else a copy of your quote.

If you need to email yourself or someone else a copy of your quote, you can do so by clicking the "Email Quote" button.

Enter the email address you wish to send the quote to in the "To Email Address:" field and include any email addresses you wish to include on the email in the "CC To:" field. Please note, you can only enter one email address in each field.

You can include a personal message in your email by using the "Your Message:" field.

Once you are happy to send the email with the quote attached, click on "OK" and our system will send the email to the specified addresses.

If you do not wish to send an email with the quote attached at this time, hit the "Cancel" button to return to the quote.

If at a later date you wish to review who the quote was emailed to, select the "Email History" button in the quote screen and you can see a summary of the email addresses you have sent the quote to and the dates these emails were sent.