Applying Discount Coupons

Use the ComponentSource Discount Coupon you have been given to save even more on your order.

To claim a Discount Coupon you have been sent, add the Coupon Claim Code to the "Got a Coupon?" field in your Cart. Your qualifying Discount Coupons will automatically be applied to each order you place with us. Sometimes the number of Discount Coupons you can apply to a single order is limited. When this occurs, we will give you the best combination of Discount Coupons offering the maximum saving.

If you do not want to use the automatic Discount Coupon selection suggested, you can override it. Just save the Discount Coupon(s) (see below) you want to use for later and the system will automatically apply the next most beneficial combination of Discount Coupons to your order.

If your order has qualified for a Discount Coupon but you would like to save if for a future order you can. Use the trash can image, Trash Can , next to the coupon description to delete the coupon from your current order. The coupon will be saved for future use and can be applied to your Cart again at any time by clicking on the "Select" link in the list of your available Order Coupons.

Please remember that Discount Coupons are often time constrained so please check to see when they expire.

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