Discount Coupons

Save even more on your order with a ComponentSource Discount Coupon.

What are ComponentSource Discount Coupons?

For qualifying orders ComponentSource will give you more money off! This may be in the form of a discount against a particular product, "Product Discount", or a discount against an overall order, "Order Coupon".

Where can I see what Coupons I have available?

There are three places where you can see what Discount Coupons you have available. Firstly, they will be displayed when you logon (you will be asked to do this when you buy or evaluate something from the product catalog). Secondly, you can view them from your "Cart" (this is displayed once you have decided to purchase a product). Finally, you can visit the "My Account" area through the buttons at the top of this page, where you will find a "Coupons" option from the available menu. This option will only be shown if you have coupons.

Please note, we also send out coupons by email, so remember to check any emails you receive from ComponentSource for possible discounts.

How do I apply Discount Coupons to my order AND get the maximum discount?

Your qualifying Discount Coupons will automatically be applied to each order you place with us. Sometimes the number of Discount Coupons you can apply to a single order is limited. When this occurs, we will give you the best combination of Discount Coupons offering the maximum saving.

If you do not want to use the automatic Discount Coupon selection suggested, you can override it. Just save the Discount Coupon(s) (see below) you want to use for later and the system will automatically apply the next most beneficial combination of Discount Coupons to your order.

Can I save my Discount Coupons?

Yes, if your order has qualified for a Discount Coupon but you would like to save if for a future order you can. Use the trash can image, Trash Can, next to the coupon description to delete the coupon from your current order. The coupon will be saved for future use and can be applied to your Cart again at any time by clicking on the "Select" link in the list of your available Order Coupons.

Please remember that Discount Coupons are often time constrained so please check to see when they expire.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Coupons can only be redeemed at towards the purchase of products listed in the ComponentSource Product Catalog.
  • The total value of coupon(s) applied to an order must be equal or less than the total order value.
  • Any balance must be paid by credit card or on invoice (account holders only).
  • A coupon can be allocated to one order only.
  • Product specific coupons are for use only when purchasing the product identified on the coupon.
  • We are unable to apply coupons retrospectively.
  • Coupons expire on the expiry date shown.
  • There are no cash alternatives for coupons.