Online Checkout

The checkout process and the various options you have to buy your products.

  • Checking Your Addresses
    Ensure you have given us the correct address details for licensing and invoice purposes.
  • Taxes
    The tax applied to your order may vary according to a number of factors. Read on to find out which rate is applicable to your order.
  • Choosing Your Security Settings
    Worried about placing your order via the Internet?
  • Payment Security
    All your payment information is encrypted and protected by the VeriSign Secure Server ID. The ID verifies we are who we say we are.
  • Credit Cards
    Place your order on Credit Card for immediate use.
  • Card Security Code
    The Card Security Code provides an additional security measure to prevent card misuse within on-line transactions. (The Card Security Code is also known as the Card Verification Value.)
  • Bank Transfers and Checks
    You can pay by bank transfer or check in one of 4 currencies: US Dollar, Euro, Yen and Pound Sterling.
  • Corporate Purchasing
    Why not open a Corporate Account and buy on payment terms of Net 30.
  • ComponentSource Secure Card
    Buying from our site using a credit card is secure. However, if you are still concerned why not use the ComponentSource Secure Card option?
  • Payment Authorization
    What happens during the account authorization process?
  • Proof of Purchase
    The Tax Receipts you receive from us are valid as a proof of purchase.
  • Downloading Your Products
    Download your product immediately 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Product Download Verification
    We need to verify some details before allowing the product to be downloaded.