Prices and Discount Bands

When you logon to our Web site you will see your own customized prices for all components and products.

Discount Band A

We value your business and as you buy more products from ComponentSource, you will move to higher Discount Bands. Another good reason to buy all your components from one source.

Discount Bands B, C and above

Discount Bands are based on your previous spend with ComponentSource, so the more you spend with us the bigger the discount you will receive. The Discount Bands are automatically calculated daily, so you can be sure to receive the best possible discount on all your orders.

It is our policy to match price quotations where possible, so if you have been offered a better price elsewhere, or have any questions about our Discount Bands do not hesitate to contact us:, or call us free of charge.

Credit Accounts and Volume Licensing

If you wish to discuss your corporate component licensing or if you need a specific quotation for multiple licenses, we will be able to assist you. Please contact us for further information:, or call us free of charge.