About AgDataGrid Suite

A feature-rich grid control for Silverlight.

AgDataGrid Suite was developed to fully exploit the power and flexibility of Silverlight. AgDataGrid Suite includes a Silverlight Grid Control accompanied by data editors that can be used standalone or for in-place cell editing. AgDataGrid Suite advanced features include Microsoft Excel style data filtering, end-user column movement and resizing, AgDataGrid Suite features include data grouping, data sorting, comprehensive summary computation and more. AgDataGrid also offers row editing, row previews (with animation), template support (for cell content, cell editing, row preview and headers), auto height support for cells, headers, totals, multi-row and multi cell selection, cell text wrapping, vertical/horizontal lines, multiple column types/editors etc. AgDataGrid Suite can only be bought as part of DXperience Silverlight Subscription.

AgDataGrid Suite was developed to fully exploit the power and flexibility of the platform and will ship with the following features:

  • Data Grouping against multiple Silverlight Grid columns
  • Data Sorting against multiple Silverlight Grid columns
  • Comprehensive Summary Computation support against multiple Silverlight Grid columns
  • Column Movement
  • Column Resizing
  • Column Auto-Width
  • Row Editing
  • Row Preview (with animation)
  • Template Support (for cell content, cell editing, row preview and headers)
  • Auto Height Support for cells, headers, and totals.
  • Virtual StackPanel Row Container (simply means it is able to handle an unlimited number of rows)
  • Focused Row and Focused Cell
  • Multi-Row Selection
  • Cell Text Wrapping
  • Vertical/Horizontal Lines
  • Multiple column types/editors

Beyond the features listed above, the AgDataGrid ships with the following capabilities:

Smart UI Element Management - AgDataGrid implements a smart loading and re-organization of the grid's inner UI elements to provide smaller control load times and faster data operations.

Designed for Future Performance Enhancements - Silverlight is all about client-side technology...But if client/server interaction will be implemented in future versions, the grid is ready to delegate data processing to the server side and thus boost application performance.

Higher-Level abstractions - With measurement routines you don't have to think in terms of pixels - which you do with the standard Silverlight grid. Just like other advanced controls for older platforms, you simply specify styles and fonts and all element sizes are automatically modified.

Full Animation Support - It's hard to imagine any Silverlight control without compelling animation effects. Though the standard Microsoft Silverlight grid control's architecture doesn't support them, AgDataGrid fully supports animations for group row expansion, preview row display and other operations.