Aspose.PDF for .NET Releases

Released: Feb 13, 2021

Updates in V21.2


  • Added the ability to update PDF producer fields.


  • PDF to Excel conversion takes to much time.
  • HTML to PDF using MemoryStream - Program keeps running and consumes all memory.
  • Signa PDF with UseLTV as true - Object Reference not set to an instance.
  • Aspose.PDF 21.1 Venture License isn’t working on Aspose.Pdf.GroupProcessor.IPdfTypeExtractor.
  • NullReferenceException when a paragraph is added.
  • Searching the text of link annotations throws the exception: “IndexOutOfRangeException: Index...

Released: Jan 15, 2021

Updates in V21.1


  • Added support for retrieving TextFragment background colors.


  • After conversion to HTML the font is not fully embedded in the output.
  • Aspose.PDF 19.10: Converting a particular PDF to PDF 1.3 is very slow.
  • System.NullReferenceException: ‘Object reference not set to an instance of an object.’ when merging PDF files.
  • Issue while converting PDF to PNG.
  • StackOverflowException when converting PCL.
  • PDF to DOCX conversion: java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException.
  • Table cutting out and not...

Released: Dec 9, 2020

Updates in V20.12


  • Added the ability to validate PDF signatures with LTV validation.
  • Added support for converting PDF files to ODS.
  • Added support for exporting PDF files to XLSM.


  • Cannot add 4-byte characters to PDF.
  • Reading the large set of random data (masked as PDF document) lead to hangs on Aspose.PDF.
  • System.NullReferenceException while adding stamp with Thai characters.
  • Content is lost on PDF to DOCX conversion.
  • PDF to Excel: Title has been split into several columns.
  • NullReferenceException...

Released: Nov 9, 2020

Updates in V20.11


  • Added support for ZUGFeRD format.
  • Added the ability to convert from PDF to XML and from XML to PDF.
  • Improved support for setting AFRelationship Tag.

Released: Oct 8, 2020

Updates in V20.10


  • Added support for ZUGFeRD attachments.
  • Added the ability to add signatures regardless of the rotation of the PDF page.


  • PDF file not properly converted to HTML.
  • Converting PDF to HTML throws “value does not fall within expected range”.
  • Hebrew Characters are missing while extracting text using TextAbsorber.
  • Converting SVG to PDF - the fill attribute of G element is not being preserved.
  • Converting XPS to PDF - Content Gets overlapped and distorted in output PDF.
  • Exception while...

Released: Sep 3, 2020

Updates in V20.9


  • Fixed an issue with converting TIFF to PDF - Enhance TIFF to PDF conversion performance.
  • Fixed an issue with converting PDF to PDF/A - ApplicationException: LZW decoder fails.
  • Fixed an issue with bad results while converting HTML and embedded CSS file.
  • Fixed an issue with converting PDF to PDFX-1a - output file has compliance errors.
  • Fixed an issue with Text columns not preserved after conversion from HTML.
  • Fixed an issue with being unable to extract rotated text using TextFragmentAbsorber...

Released: Aug 12, 2020

Updates in V20.8


  • PDF/X-1A standard inquiry.
  • HTML to PDF: Formatting issues during conversion.
  • HTMl to PDF - Formatting issues in resultant PDF.
  • HTML to PDF: process hangs.
  • HTML to PDF - Incorrect contents rendering.
  • How to set default font name in PDF to Image conversion 1.
  • IndexOutOfRangeException with ParagraphAbsorber.
  • PDF to TIFF - Text is overlapped in output (Regression).
  • Conversion from HTML to PDF never ends.
  • Convert PDF to PDF/A - Object reference error occurs.
  • Print-preview issues of the output...

Released: Jul 8, 2020

Updates in V20.7


  • Added support for PDF to CSV conversion.

Released: Jun 2, 2020

Updates in V20.6


  • PDF to HTML - Causes bold text to blur on iOS (double text overlay offset).
  • Invalid signature error on concatenating two PDFs.
  • StackOverflow exception while retrieving contents.
  • Problem converting XFA to Standard form.
  • After conversion to HTML, copy-paste to editor doesn't look like in the output file.
  • Concatenating Tagged PDF does not copy alternative text from the second PDF file.
  • Abnormalities while generating PDF/X-1a documents.
  • PDF to HTML - Unable to change margins.
  • PDF file not...

Released: May 5, 2020

Updates in V20.5


  • Added support for binding expressions in XFA form set/get value.
  • Added the ability to keep field names when converting XFA forms to standard forms.