Aspose.Words for JasperReports Releases

Released: Jul 14, 2020

Updates in V20.7


  • Performance improvements.


  • AWDocxExporter does not export dashed lines in DOC/DOCX output.

Released: Apr 24, 2020

Updates in V20.4


  • Added support for OpenGL rendering (using an external library).
  • Updated and improved logging system.
  • SonarQube tests passed.
  • Added the ability to change Asian paragraph spacing and indents.
  • Added image interpolation option for PDF rendering.
  • Added new 3D shapes rendering mode.
  • Extended API for chart data labels and series.

Released: Dec 20, 2019

Updates in V19.12


  • Added support for Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm (ECDSA).
  • Added Aspose.Words.Shaping.Harfbuzz plugin for x86 Unix-based environments.
  • Added support for "Truncate Font Height" Microsoft Word compatibility option.
  • Added support for converting to PDF 1.7 standard files.
  • User installed fonts are now supported when using SystemFontSource on Microsoft Windows 10.
  • Exposed new Bookmark public properties.
  • Added the ability to access raw OLE object data.

Released: Oct 31, 2019

Updates in V19.10


  • Added JSON data source functionality for reporting.
  • Main Maven POM automation: choose the right JDK jar version, and download plugins only if needed.
  • Added DocumentDirection option that allows you to specify the text flow direction in a document.
  • Added proper scaling for shapes inside ‘graphicFrame’ containers in DrawingML rendering.
  • Improved "inline/not inline" validation for OMath objects when rendering.
  • Support for dynamic insertion of links in document bookmarks for LINQ Reporting...

Released: Aug 9, 2019

Updates in V19.7


  • Cryptographic libraries updated to eliminate possible security vulnerabilities.
  • Added a basic reader and writer for Markdown format.
  • Added public API for dealing with linked text boxes.
  • Added feature to detect SmartArt shapes.
  • Added property Revision.Group.
  • Improved handling of whitespace shrinking.
  • Improved handling of number separator in complex script languages.
  • Improved character spacing control handling.
  • Improved handling of inter script spacing when it affects a text shading area...

Released: Jun 20, 2019

Updates in V19.6


  • There are now several versions of the JAR library (necessary for better support of older versions of JasperServer and JasperReports):
    • For JasperServer 7.1.0 - 7.2.0 and JasperReports 6.5.0 - 6.8.1 use aspose.words.jasperreports-7.1.0-7.2.0.jar
    • For JasperServer 6.4.2 - 6.4.3 and JasperReports 6.4.2 - 6.4.21 use aspose.words.jasperreports-6.4.2-6.4.3.jar
    • For JasperServer 6.3.0 - 6.4.0 and JasperReports 6.3.0 - 6.4.1 use aspose.words.jasperreports-6.3.0-6.4.0.jar
    • For JasperServer...

Released: Feb 3, 2019

Updates in V19.1


  • Added the ability to force a page break when page settings change.
  • Added BREAK_TABLE_ROWS config option.
  • Added directed line cap rendering for Bezier curves in metafiles.
  • Process stroke properties while rendering custom line caps in metafiles.
  • Support for Unicode font names while rendering to PDF.
  • TIFF binarization threshold control via the ImageSaveOptions.ThresholdForFloydSteinbergDithering property.
  • Dynamic table cell merging for LINQ Reporting Engine.
  • Textual comments within LINQ...

Released: Oct 25, 2018

Updates in V18.10


  • Now FIPS compliant.
  • Added new API to set up a font fallback mechanism through XML configuration.
  • Added option to use styles to format text typed into the SDT control.
  • Added feature to insert Horizontal Rules into documents.
  • Improved rendering of abscissa labels in DrawingML Charts if the axis contains a large number of dummy values.
  • Improved scaling of the vertical axis in DrawingML Charts if a small range is used.
  • Improved rendering of underlines. They are now based on fields of the...

Released: Sep 5, 2018

Updates in V18.8


  • Changed SHA-1 to SHA-256 and public asymmetric key from 1024 to 2048 for the license mechanism.
  • Implemented support for “underline trailing spaces” compatibility option.
  • Implemented support for paragraph alignment in Omath when inserted using EQ fields.
  • Enhanced computation of interscript spacing values based on TTF properties.
  • Improved wrapping of text around floating objects.
  • Improved calculation of position of floating tables and shapes.
  • Improved computing of page numbers in...

Released: Aug 6, 2018

Updates in V18.7


  • New typed (generic) collections and enumerators introduced in public API.
  • Added public property HeaderFooterBookmarksExportMode in PdfSaveOptions.
  • Added FontSourceBase.GetAvailableFonts method.
  • Added public API for revision groups.
  • Introduced new comparison settings.
  • A new limo stretch algorithm for VML shape rendering was added which accurately recreates the output of MS Word.
  • Added public property OutlineOptions.CreateOutlinesForHeadingsInTables that allows you to specify whether or...