Aspose.Words for Android via Xamarin Releases

Released: Oct 10, 2017

Updates in V17.10


  • Added support for reading TIFF images.
  • Added support for Path gradient rendering.
  • Added option to not add extra space for raised/lowered characters.
  • Multiple improvements in RTL and Asian text handling.
  • LINQ Reporting Engine now supports dynamic chart series removal.
  • Added support for rendering black and white images in one bit per pixel format.
  • Added an option to prevent embedding fonts into HTML Fixed output.
  • Added algorithm that mimics the behavior of MS Word when rendering rotated...

Released: Sep 8, 2017

Updates in V17.9


  • Implemented caching of shading patterns for PDF output. The output size of PDF documents with the repeating images (e.g. in the header/footer) is now significantly reduced.
  • Improved character spacing handling for Asian text.
  • Improved table grid calculation when a paragraph in a cell has large indents.
  • Improved text wrapping in narrow line band when there is a leading tab stop.
  • Added feature to set Placeholder Text in Structured Document Tags.
  • Added feature to support w:dirty attributes...

Released: Aug 25, 2017

Updates in V17.8


  • Now Aspose.Words for Android via Xamarin uses SkiaSharp graphics.
  • Switching to SkiaSharp graphics allowed to lower target framework version to Android 2.3 (Gingerbread).
  • Optimized PDF rendering engine.
  • Compression of document structure data and cross-reference tables in PDF 1.5 output.
  • Image tag in Fixed HTML documents can now contain an alternative text string.
  • API for 'Mark Comment Done' option.
  • Sign the signature line in Word document.
  • Add edfeature to set/get "Specify line and...

Released: Jul 7, 2017

Updates in V17.7.0


  • Render to PCL (Printer Command Language) format.
  • Added the proper algorithm for rendering of shapes with automatic size textboxes.
  • Rendered PDF documents can now show the document title in the title bar of the viewer.
  • Improved font rendering in PDF documents for Adobe Illustrator limitations.
  • Improved rendering of fonts with simulated bold style.
  • Improved vertical text rendering in DrawingML text boxes.
  • Added support for footnote continuation notices.
  • Improved text wrapping logic...

Released: Jun 13, 2017

Updates in V17.6.0


  • Added partial support for Path Gradient fill.

Released: Apr 11, 2017

Updates in V17.4.0


  • Improved support of linear gradient rendering.
  • Imnproved reading of GIF images.