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mchequerUSA5 star

We struggled for a long time using OpenXML from Microsoft. Finally, when we needed to convert an MS word document into a PDF, we tried Aspose.Words. Its ability to flawlessly create a PDF document... Read more

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mchequerUSA5 star

We struggled for a long time using OpenXML from Microsoft. Finally, when we needed to convert an MS word document into a PDF, we tried Aspose.Words. Its ability to flawlessly create a PDF document from MS Word is what caused us to buy the product. But then we realized that its functionality was far beyond just creating a PDF and so we replaced all of our OpenXML code with Aspose.Words. We get better support (there is so much information available) and it's plain easier to use. Highly recommend it.

Lisa JulyUSA5 star

Our Problem: We were tasked with implementing programs into their tool of choice and provide output in various formats. We ran into several roadblocks but the most difficult was to produce a satisfactory reproduction of that form and populate each field from the applicable database table. Our end result was close, but some pagination issues still remain.

Our Solution: Aspose.Words for .NET. With this solution, we could develop code that would utilize a template and, when populated, supported the data applied, produced a true representation of the form which can be saved back to the database.

Conclusion: We highly recommend the Aspose suite of tools for whatever your business goals require.

Name Withheld verified customerTaiwan ROC4 star
Name Withheld verified customerItaly5 star

Great product!

EyalIsrael5 star

As recruitment agency that specializes in the tech industry we’ve decided to develop our own ATS that get thousands of resumes per hour. After evaluating lots of docs processors, we have decided to go with Aspose.Words and Aspose.PDF for .NET.  We were looking for service that will generate and convert all our files without utilizing Microsoft Word and Acrobat Reader. Service that supports all the popular formats and still will keep the styling of all our original resumes. We have got everything we were looking for from Apose PDF and Word API. For example we can render files in all popular formats, images, graphs and any kind of reach media are supported as well.

We are using the mail merge in our personal client communication. We remove all VBA macros and digital signature that comes within resumes, generate reports for all our recruiters, and insert watermark and lots of HTML contents. We are very happy with the outcome and we believe that our clients and recruiters are happy as well.

Name Withheld verified customerFrance5 star

très bien

Name Withheld verified customerSouth Africa3 star
Name Withheld verified customerItaly5 star
Name Withheld verified customerSpain5 star
michaelCanada5 star

The legal industry is very paperwork intensive, and many areas of law are process driven, relying upon a large number of very similar forms. In an effort to address that, my team has created legal automation software, automating the creation of standard legal documents. Aspose.Words for .Net forms the backbone of this program, allowing users to create, modify and tokenize standard forms for use in law offices and routine legal processes. As we are dealing with legal documents, high fidelity to original formatting is required. Aspose deals with most formatting with ease, maintaining vertical alignment over ordered and unordered lists, paragraph indents, along with the general layout and formatting of the underlying Microsoft Word documents.

Aspose library has been awesome to work with from my developer's point of view. The examples and documentation are pretty straight forward, and it's been easy to use. We have tried other Word Processing libraries before, but none of them were as accurate as Aspose. Aspose is also much better at maintaining formatting than those other products.