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AnonymousUSA5 star

Our team develops an AWS application which provides an online solution to build Estate Planning documents. Aspose Document Manipulation APIs are our primary document generation platform for our back... Read more

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AnonymousUSA5 star

Our team develops an AWS application which provides an online solution to build Estate Planning documents. Aspose Document Manipulation APIs are our primary document generation platform for our back-end services to build PDF documents. Our criteria for finding the right tool were: PDFs should look the same as original files. The tool should be powerful and feature-reach. It should be easy to use and have a responsive team. It’s also critical there is an active community of users from which problems can be solved from various perspectives. We invested in testing a number of alternative tools to ensure we understood which would do the job accurately. Aspose did the most accurate conversion from Word to PDF. Overall Aspose.Words for Java appeared to be the right choice for us. It was easy to search the Aspose.Total libraries to determine what would handle the document types we needed.

The Aspose solution is easy to use, and works well in a variety of cases. It was easy to integrate Aspose.Words into our product and the conversion itself is done with just a few lines of code. Performance has also been good in our testing.

aaronTX5 star

Over the last year, we have been developing a very unique and powerful application that requires a lot of demanding document processing activities. Throughout the development process, it became increasingly apparent that all of the off-the-shelf open source, commercial and non-commercial libraries were not able to keep pace with what we were trying to do. Our code became very messy as we attempted to create a patchwork environment of processes, libraries and redundancies that was just overall inefficient.

We began to look for a single Java library alternative that could handle our application requirements and simplify our processes. Needless to say, this was not a small task and required us to do some heavy investigation.

It became immediately evident that our search had concluded once we took a chance with Apose.Words.  Admittedly, we were hesitant due to the cost…the license isn’t cheap and with the number of different library packages, we really had to figure out what was truly needed.  However, taking the leap was the best thing we could have done.  We saw the immediate positive results from Aspose.Words as it consistently produced the results we needed. 

We are going ahead with Aspose.Words with the intention of adding more of their libraries to our application as they become needed.  

Great job!

Sameer Tanna5 star

Aspose.Words is a very good tool to have if your work includes creating custom documents. It supports a wide array of programming languages like .NET, Java, Android, etc. The API is easy to use and is simple to understand even for beginners, this is one of the main reasons Aspose really shines and has made creating custom documents an effortless task. Earlier I was using Microsoft Interop, but that is not the recommended way to create word documents in ASP.Net web application.

General Usage:
Aspose.Words also makes it easy to create, modify and replace all document elements such as sections, headers, footers, paragraphs, lists, etc. It even lets you use formulas, all drawing objects such as shapes, text boxes, images,etc and even add water marks, and protect documents and convert documents from one format to another. It can also be used to view and print documents.

Formatting Features:
All document elements can be customised extensively and easily. It also allows you to copy fragments from one document to another, modify it's properties and also add custom HTML code. Aspose.Words also allows you to use all these formatting features even for existing word documents like .DOC(97-2003), .DOCX and OpenOffice documents.

Mail Merge Feature:
One of the main use cases of Aspose.Words is that it allows us to use standard Microsoft Word mail merge fields in your document. It allows you to create, modify and replace these fields easily. Aspose.Words also helps in replacing Mail Merge fields with complex tables. It can do all of this by using data from any data source. It also has a very simple syntax for creating an MS Word Mail Merge Field.

Document Object Model:
Aspose.Words uses the Document Object Model. This makes it easier to create complex documents in a short time. It can also be used to create a summarised report by combining fragments from multiple documents.

Export Features:
It helps you to create, modify and export your created document in number of different file formats like DOC, OOXML, RTF, HTML, OpenDocument, PDF, XPS, EPUB and other formats, you can export hundreds of documents in a short time, all in different formats quite easily. It has also reduced the lines of code for converting a document to another format to just about one to two lines of code.

It allows you to do all of the above mentioned features and more without having to install Microsoft Office or Microsoft Word on the system which helps in completely removing the dependency on Microsoft Word. It also supports all versions of .NET Framework.

PeterDenmark5 star

We were looking for a .NET library that would meet our functionality requirements working with Microsoft Word documents from Microsoft Dynamics NAV. The functionality we needed seemed rather trivial to us at first, but after having tried several commercial and non-commercial libraries, it became clear to us that the action we needed to perform wasn’t in fact all that trivial after all (loading of HTML content into Word documents, merging several documents into a Word template to produce new documents). The majority of the libraries we tried were unable to perform the action all together while a very small subset was able to do it to some extent.

Among these libraries only Aspose.Words was able to produce a result that we were happy with and that through very few intuitive lines of code. The library is well documented and there are some good online code samples to dig into as well. Besides this, the work with Aspose.Words was made nice and easy for us even before purchasing the product because of the option to acquire a temporary license. This gave us the opportunity to actually implement and test the part of our project that needed the Word document processing features provided by Aspose.Words and we were able to test and evaluate the result before even buying the product.

We have decided to purchase the product simply because there is no other like it, it was very easy to use and when we needed help we got it - We warmly recommend Aspose.Words if you need to work with Word Documents.

sacha.casotSwitzerland5 star

We use the JasperReports library embedded in our application to generate documents of different formats (PDF, Word, Excel). The obtained Word documents are very difficult to edit because of the fix text frames used but also because editing destroys the pagination (invalid page numbers).
Using the library “Aspose.Words for JasperReports” helped us to obtain a flow layout in the Word documents. Additionally we use Word field codes in the Jasper report to obtain updatable page numbers and table of contents or table of figures.
The second library we use is “Aspose.Words for Java” which allows us to optimize the Word output by using Word templates or create native Word bulleted and numbered lists. The result is a Word document that looks better, is enriched with different table of contents and is finally editable by every user as expected.
We can totally recommend the Apose libraries for optimizing the Microsoft Word documents generated by JasperReports.