Beyond Compare updated

Released: Nov 9, 2015

Updates in this release

Updates in

Notable Changes

  • Improved performance and stability, especially under OS X.
  • Fixed connection issues introduced by IPv6 support.
  • Numerous bug fixes and tweaks.


  • Added support for creating new .tar.bz2 archives.
  • Newly created archive files are now initialized with default data instead of being created as zero byte files.
  • Fixed creating a new 7-zip .7z archive.
  • Fixed load error when loading a snapshot of an empty Folder Compare.

File Formats

  • Removed no longer supported .dbf mask from built-in MS Excel file format.

File Views

  • Fixed "Keep file read-only" option when saving a file.

Folder Compare

  • Linux 32-bit: Fixed "Value too large for defined data type" error when interacting with files larger than 2GB.
  • "Align filenames with different extensions" no longer affects folders, except to align them with archives.
  • "Open With" and "Copy Filename" now use URL paths instead of profile: based ones.
  • Sort by extension is now case insensitive.
  • Added warning panel if "Suppress Filters" is used with "Ignore Folder Structure" when folder filters may be excluding files.
  • Fixed "Ignore Folder Structure" not applying name filters for folders added externally and detected as part of a fast refresh.
  • Fixed "Exclude protected operating system files" filter not being respected if "Ignore Folder Structure" is active.
  • OS X/Linux: Fixed "Hide Log" not being remembered.
  • OS X/Linux: Fixed "Attributes" dialog not showing the octal representation.
  • OS X/Linux: Improved rules-based comparison performance regression relative to v3.


  • Fixed issues with IPv6 support.
  • Fixed connecting to an FTP site using a URL that includes the password.
  • Fixed SFTP errors connecting to certain versions of OpenSSH with AES GCM enabled.

Home View

  • Windows: Fixed black fringes around various graphics at > 100% DPI scaling.


  • Linux: Fixed warning message when installing from RPM if symbolic link to already exists.


  • OS X: "Browse File System", "Browse Using Profile", "Open File", and "Save File" dialogs now include hidden items based on Finder's "Show All Files" setting.
  • OS X: Hidden files/folders are now shown ghosted in "Browse Using Profile" dialog.
  • Windows: Fixed archive files not appearing in the "Browse Using Profile" dialog if Explorer's "Hide known file extensions" option is active.
  • OS X/Linux: Improved text comparison performance.
  • Fixed context sensitive help on tabbed dialogs.
  • Windows: Fixed size of menu checkmarks on high DPI displays.
  • Windows: Fixed taskbar jumplist subcategories on Windows 8+.


  • OS X: Fixed broken font and color panels on OS X 10.11 El Capitan.

Picture Compare

  • Windows: Fixed loading .bmp files with extra padding after the file header.


  • OS X: Fixed Picture Compare Reports not showing correctly in Safari.


  • Windows: Fixed garbage characters being logged for FTP URLs that include passwords.

Table Compare

  • Windows: Fixed loading .xlsx files in translated releases.
  • Windows: Fixed conversion error loading MS Excel .xlsx files that worked in 4.0.


  • OS X: Fixed various crashes.
  • Fixed Folder Compare crash when the active "Align With" item is removed externally.
  • Fixed Folder Compare crash when changing folder filters while a flattened comparison is loading.
  • OS X: Fixed crash when "Home" button is hidden from the toolbar.
  • Windows: Fixed crash while saving HTML Picture Compare Report if bitmap does not have 32-bit color depth.
  • Fixed crash when loading workspace with undefined Z-orders.
  • Fixed crash on startup when loading workspaces before sessions.
  • Fixed crash when importing unsupported auto-saved sessions.
  • Linux: Fixed crash when closing the Refresh tip dialog.