Big Faceless PDF Library Releases

Released: Mar 17, 2022

Updates in v2.26.4


  • Added PDFImage.setStrictDPI() to mimic the image DPI extraction rules from HTML5.


  • The "Resource Merge" step which can be used to potentially reduce the size of files assembled from multiple smaller documents was sometimes writing out fonts with a ToUnicode that was incomplete, or failing to identify duplicate glyphs because the originals came from fonts with a different "longloc" flag. Both have now been fixed.
  • Some very specific workflows could lead to a synchronization lock when...

Released: Feb 16, 2022

Updates in v2.26.3


  • Added PDFPage.createGraphics() and PDFCanvas.createGraphics(), to return a java.awt.Graphics2D object that can be used to write to the page or canvas. 
  • Added XMP.setValidating() method to allow unknown XMP properties to be set without failing (known properties must still be of the correct type). This makes things a bit more useful for PDF/A-4, which no longer uses extension schemas.
  • OutputProfiler: added a "getStrategy() method; added new "PartialPages" strategy to render what it can...

Released: Nov 11, 2021

Updates in v2.26.2


  • Tested and verified with Java 17, dropped support for Java 5, and removed all support for Applets from viewer package.
    (Note that JavaScript is NOT currently supported under Java 17; this is planned for a future release).
  • Reduced the memory required to load TrueType and (in particular) OpenType fonts, and delayed the instantiation of some of the data needed until the font is used. These changes makes it cheaper to load fonts that may not be used.
  • Added support for UTF-8 ECI mode to QR...