Chart FX for iOS

Chart FX for iOS is a powerful graphing framework that leverages Apple technologies to bring Chart FX to iPod, iPhone and iPad devices. The framework is capable of taking data in several easy to understand formats and representing it in a variety of 2D and 3D Visualizations. Developers familiar with Chart FX in other platforms may find that Chart FX for iOS intentionally reuses many of the same properties and conventions from previous implementations in order to ease the transition from one development environment to another.

Chart FX for iOS supports animated transitions which elegantly paint charts when you first display or change a chart’s inner data. These animations not only help users stay focused in charts by making them more engaging but also invite users to interact with charts and improve your application’s aesthetics.

With Chart FX for iOS Palettes you can make charts adapt to your application aestethical layer in just a few seconds. That’s right, whether you are making a High Contrast...

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