Create charts in PNG, JPEG, BMP, WBMP, PDF and GIF, viewable by virtually all browsers, including mobile and hand-held devices.

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The latest version is 7.0 for ChartDirector for C++, Python and Perl and 6.x for other programming languages.

ChartDirector Release Notes

Released: May 9, 2021

Updates in V7.0


  • Treemap Chart - TreeMap chart is a new chart type in ChartDirector. A treemap chart is similar to a pie chart but it divides a rectangle into multiple rectangles. The child rectangles can be divided into yet more rectangles. So a treemap chart can be used to visualize a tree like data structure with multiple levels of divisions.
  • Discrete Heat Map - Discrete Heat Map is a new layer type for XYChart. It consists of square or rectangular cells colored based on their data values. Like a...

Released: Jan 24, 2020

Updates in V6.4


  • Added support for .NET Core. All ChartDirector controls are now available for both .NET Framework and .NET Core for application types that are supported in both environments.
  • In previous versions of ChartDirector for .NET, the DLL was released as 4 separate editions to support a combination of strong-named/non-strong-named and standard .NET Framework/.NET Framework Client Profile. ChartDirector .NET is now released as a single strong-named DLL for the standard .NET Framework. The non...

Released: Feb 17, 2019

Updates in V6.3.1


  • The C++ Edition adds support for the hardened runtime introduced in macOS 10.14 (Mojave). The hardened runtime requires dynamic libraries to specify a macOS SDK version that supports the hardened runtime. Previous versions of ChartDirector do not specify the SDK version at all, as it is compatible with all common SDK versions. To meet the hardened runtime requirements, ChartDirector 6.3.1 now specifies macOS SDK 10.14, with backwards compatibility down to 10.7.

Released: Nov 4, 2018

Updates in V6.3


  • Adds support for using embedded resources in executables - ChartDirector can use background images, pattern colors, scatter symbols and CDML images. In previous versions of ChartDirector, these images were provided using file system paths. The new version supports "resource paths", allowing images to be loaded from resources. As well as images, ChartDirector 6.3 can also load fonts from resources. As embedded resources are mostly used in desktop GUI applications (as opposed to web or...

Released: Jan 11, 2018

Updates in V6.2


Adds WPF support to ChartDirector for .NET. It includes two new controls:

  • WPFChartViewer: for displaying and handling user interactions with the chart
  • WPFViewPortControl: for visualizing and interactive control of the viewport.

Released: Nov 11, 2016

Updates in V6.1


  • Adds ASP.NET MVC support to ChartDirector for .NET. It includes two new controls:
    • RazorChartViewer - For displaying and handling user interactions with the chart
    • RazorViewPortControl - For visualizing and interactive control of the viewport.

Released: Aug 19, 2015

Updates in this release

Updates in V6

  • PDF Output - ChartDirector can now output charts to PDF. This is in addition to the existing formats SVG, PNG, JPG, GIF and BMP.
  • Viewport Control - Visualize and interactively manipulate charts.
  • Realtime Zooming and Scrolling - New APIs simplify the implementation of realtime zoomable and scrollable charts.
  • Touch and Mobile Device Support for Web Applications - New dedicated events for touch interactions can detect chart size changes and generate resize events.
  • Streaming SVG...

Released: Jul 11, 2013

Updates in this release

Updates in V5.1.1

  • Updated C++ Header Files to Avoid Compiler Warnings - Chartdir.h updated to remove unused variable warnings.
  • OpenJDK 7 JPEG Output Compatibility - To maintain compatibility with OpenJDK 7, ChartDirector 5.1.1 has been modified to use Java ImageIO for JPEG output.
  • Improved ClearType Support in Java - Render text more accurately on Windows and Java 7 platforms.
  • Python 3.x - WebChartViewer has been updated to support Python 3.x