About Chart FX 8 for Java

Business Intelligence with advanced charting features for Java Server application developers.

Chart FX 8 for Java is a powerful and versatile Data Visualization component. It provides developers with advanced charting features and end-user chart customization through menus, dialogs and toolbars. Users can export charts to a variety of formats, as well as store changes for future sessions. Chart FX 8 for Java includes a sophisticated run-time data analysis tools for your end users that features drill downs, tooltips, drag and drop axis configuration and highlighting.

Chart FX 8 for Java Features

  • Data Analysis - Chart FX 8 for Java includes an array of price and technical indicators and interactive drawing features including Bollinger Bands, Moving Averages and Volume. You can even customize and add your own technical indicators using the API.
  • Filtering - Provide an effective way to filter and display data that meets certain conditions.
  • Grouping - You can group data in different ways and you can change the type of aggregation being used for faster comparison and analysis.
  • Sorting - Users can easily change the order in which data appears in a chart.
  • Data Connectivity - Connect to data via XML, arrays, objects, text files and ODBC.
  • Aesthetics - Chart FX 8 supports vector based markers and backgrounds to produce eye-catching charts and layouts.
  • Performance - Chart FX 8 robust serialization and server infrastructure help improve performance with less memory consumption, faster rendering and easier integration between Chart FX products.
  • New UI - Each chart object can be right clicked to access hundreds of features to further customize the way the chart looks or how the data is processed and displayed by the chart.
  • New API with Full backward Compatibility - The Chart FX 7 API is fully supported in Chart FX 8 for Java.
  • In-depth details simplified - A single SQL statement is all that is needed to allow Master-Detail Data, Drilldown, Views and Enhanced Tooltips.