CLion Releases

Released: Jul 24, 2019

Updates in 2019.2


Embedded Development

  • On-Chip debugging with GDB Server - If it’s possible to debug on the micro-controller of your choice with a GDB Server, you can now do it from CLion using a special Embedded GDB Server Run/Debug configuration. It covers OpenOCD, ST-Link GDB Servers, Segger J-Link GDB Server, QEMU, and many other specific GDB Servers. Create a configuration, providing a path to GDB Server, arguments to run the server, and other appropriate settings, and you are all set and ready to...

Released: Mar 27, 2019

Updates in 2019.1


Embedded Development

  • STM32CubeMX integration - If you develop for STMicroelectronics boards, you’ll be happy to know that CLion now integrates with STM32CubeMX:
    • CLion can create a new .ioc project or open an existing one, and generate a CMake file to correctly work with it.
    • You can start STM32CubeMX any time directly from CLion to update board settings and generate code.
    • CLion reminds you to select a board config and suggests a list of options in the UI.
  • OpenOCD support - Debugging with...

Released: Nov 27, 2018

Updates in 2018.3


Initial Remote Development support

  • You can now develop remotely from a Windows, Linux, or macOS client machine to a Linux remote host, for CMake-based projects only. The current setup assumes the source code is located on a local machine, which CLion synchronizes to the remote machine.
  • Supported configurations - To start developing remotely, first create a remote toolchain in Settings | Build, Execution, Deployment | Toolchains. Provide the remote host address and credentials, and then...

Released: Jul 25, 2018

Updates in 2018.2


  • C++ support
    • Clangd-based language engine - CLion 2018.2 introduces an experimental clangd-based language engine for showing code errors and warnings in the CLion editor, which works alongside CLion’s own language engine. It’s enabled by default on Linux and macOS. Note that the clangd engine is used for code analysis only and doesn’t affect the rest of code insight features like completion or refactoring.
    • Argument selection defects inspection - Is it possible to detect situations when...

Released: Mar 28, 2018

Updates in 2018.1



  • Linux toolchain on Windows - If your project requires a Linux toolchain while being developed on Windows, you can now use Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) in CLion running on Windows.
  • Valgrind Memcheck on WSL - Valgrind Memcheck can detect dozens of memory errors and leaks and is now available for Windows users on WSL.

C++ support

  • C++17: If and switch with initializers - To avoid polluting an ambient scope or creating an artificial scope for initializers in if and switch operators...

Released: Nov 30, 2017

Updates in 2017.3


  • C++ language engine
    • List initialization - List initialization is a standard way to initialize an object from braced-init-list since C++11. In CLion 2017.3 the support for this language feature was reworked, including fixes for many of the incorrect code analysis warnings.
    • Name lookup - Name lookup is a C++ standard procedure to associate a name with the declaration. This release fixes the situations when the procedure failed in CLion:
      • Resolving a name before the corresponding...

Released: Aug 2, 2017

Updates in 2017.2.1


  • Clang-Tidy
    • Clang-Tidy on board - Clang-Tidy is a powerful code analysis tool that provides dozens of valuable checks and quick-fixes. Now you can benefit from it in CLion - it works as you type, and shows messages the same way as CLion’s own built-in code inspections. Clang-tidy quick-fixes are similarly available via Alt+Enter.
    • Configure the checks you need - Make the IDE run only the checks you really need. To configure this easily, go to C/C++ code inspections settings Settings...

Released: Mar 29, 2017

Updates in 2017.1


  • C++14 - CLion 2017.1 delivers support for the following C++14 features:
    • Auto return type.
    • Generic lambdas.
    • Variable templates.
    • Generalized lambda captures.
  • C++17 - Supporting C++17 with nested namespaces.
  • Make auto intention - For the sake of code readability and accuracy, CLion now suggests to modernize your C++ code by converting variable type to auto.
  • General improvements
    • Hidden functions from the base class are no longer suggested in completion
    • Fixes for various false positives, for...

Released: Nov 23, 2016

Updates in 2016.3


  • Modern C++ support in CLion with user-defined literals, C++14 digit separator and improved overload resolution support, as well as dozens of fixes for false-positive code analysis checks.
  • C users should check out how C11 keywords completion speeds up the coding.
  • A more flexible and efficient approach to CMake project: model opens projects from an existing CMake generation folder. Users can also configure a generation folder of their choice and skip generating several CMake...

Released: Jul 20, 2016

Updates in 2016.2


  • Preview Doxygen comments in Quick Documentation pop-up, generate Doxygen documentation stubs and rely on safe rename (that updates Doxygen comments automatically) for functions and their parameters.
  • Debug remote targets using all the benefits of IDE features, with remote GDB debug support (on Linux and Mac OS).
  • Debugger performance improvements when stepping through and expanding big data structures (for both GDB and LLDB drivers).
  • Save time on typing with Complete Statement, which...