CLion Releases

Released: Feb 12, 2020

Updates in 2019.3.4


No subsystem

  • Incorrect colour of operator keyword when called as a member of template type.

Code: Clangd

  • Clangd crash in clang::clion::NameHintCallback::handleCallExpr.

Code: Completion

  • Clangd completion: Quick Documentation and Quick Definition are not working.

Code: Formatting

  • Reformat Code breaks indention in enum when using a comment line.


  • Launching CMake CUDA targets from CLion using wrong binary.

Unit Testing: Google Test

  • False positive errors with new Google Test API...

Released: Jan 21, 2020

Updates in 2019.3.3


Code: Clangd

  • Concepts: Add operators as completions.

IDE Preferences

  • Allow default build directory to be outside of project root.

User Interface. Project View

  • Add ability to "Copy path" relative to repository root.

DB Console

  • Added the ability to execute stored procedures.

Data Views

  • Use Data Editor for editable views.

SQL General

  • Added in-line variable names for scripts.

SQL Highlighting

  • Support MySQL 8 SRID argument on GEOMETRY columns.
  • Support MySQL new grants (SESSION_VARIABLES...

Released: Dec 18, 2019

Updates in 2019.3.2


  • Improved Clangd-based code highlighting
    • override and final keywords are now correctly highlighted.
    • In C11 code, when integers have suffixes with mixed lower/upper cases, the highlighting no longer fails.
    • std namespace usages from concepts library are now highlighted correctly.
  • Clangd-based code completion enhancements
    • When completing a function with the default arguments, the cursor is placed inside the parentheses, not behind the closing parenthesis.
    • When generating function...

Released: Dec 6, 2019

Updates in 2019.3.1


Data Import & Export

  • Console-like output (plain-text-friendly data exporter).
  • Dynamically name mysqldump output file based on time and database name.

SQL Highlighting

  • Improved "Aggregate-related problems" inspection with CUBE and ROLLUP.
  • Allow disabling "DELETE/UPDATE without WHERE" inspection for temporary tables.
  • Inspection for missing column aliases.
  • Report missing returns in SQL functions.
  • Add "Misleading reference" inspection.


Code: Highlighting and Inspections

  • CLion...

Released: Nov 28, 2019

Updates in 2019.3


  • Better IDE Performance - This release of CLion is quality-targeted with lots of performance improvements made throughout. The key enhancements affect code completion, the Rename refactoring, optimizations for the Building/Updating symbols step, and the elimination of UI freezes. Learn more.
  • Clangd-based code completion - Clangd has been added to the list of code completion providers in CLion, which helps speed up the time for the first results to appear on many projects significantly...

Released: Oct 30, 2019

Updates in 2019.2.5


  • Fixed opening projects on macOS Catalina.
  • Fixed font rendering in text fields on macOS Catalina.

Released: Oct 9, 2019

Updates in 2019.2.4


  • Fixed: Bundled LLDB doesn't work on macOS 10.15 Catalina

Released: Sep 26, 2019

Updates in 2019.2.3


  • This update comes bundled with CMake v3.15.3
  • Added a set of platform and UI/UX improvements, such as the “Use contrast scrollbars” setting.
  • Now supports native password storage on Linux.

Released: Sep 12, 2019

Updates in 2019.2.2


  • Added a default black-list for C++ Parameter Hints. It includes std::min/max, std::forward, std::vector::push_back, strcmp / strncmp, and some others:
  • Parameter hints now correctly handle brace elision in aggregate initialization.
  • In pack expansion, the & hint is now shown for all the parameters.
  • Now, CLion doesn’t show a hint if there’s a comment matching the hint / parameter name. It recognizes comments in the form of /*NAME=*/ (the = can be any character and NAME must match the...

Released: Jul 24, 2019

Updates in 2019.2


Embedded Development

  • On-Chip debugging with GDB Server - If it’s possible to debug on the micro-controller of your choice with a GDB Server, you can now do it from CLion using a special Embedded GDB Server Run/Debug configuration. It covers OpenOCD, ST-Link GDB Servers, Segger J-Link GDB Server, QEMU, and many other specific GDB Servers. Create a configuration, providing a path to GDB Server, arguments to run the server, and other appropriate settings, and you are all set and ready to...