About Codejock Docking Pane Visual C++ MFC

Provides Windows GUI engineers with all the components needed to create enhanced Visual Studio style docking windows.

Codejock Docking Pane for Visual C++ MFC allows you to create fully customizable docking panes with a professional and modern interface. Windows developers can easily create tear off tabs and auto hide windows that allow for a more manageable application workspace.

Features Overview

Codejock Docking Pane for Visual C++ MFC provides several options to choose from including Visual Studio and Office Theme Support, Tear Off Tabs, Visio Style Docking, Sliding Auto Hide Windows, Pinnable Panes, Drag-n-Drop Positioning, Cascading Panes, Load and Save State, Full Customization and much more. Docking Pane is included in Toolkit Pro for Visual C++ MFC.

Theme Support

  • Visual Studio
  • Office
  • Visio
  • Gripper
  • Windows
  • Built In Theme Support
  • Docking Pane Luna Colors
  • Themed Floating Panes
  • Splitter Style

General Features

  • Nested Grouping
  • Visual Studio Style Docking
  • Detachable Tab Windows
  • Splitter Tracker
  • Visio Style Docking
  • Sliding Auto Hide Windows
  • Auto Hide Delay
  • Pinnable Panes
  • Float and Dock Panes
  • Auto-Hide Pinnable Floating Panes
  • Hidden Client
  • Drag-n-Drop Pane Positioning
  • Active Pane
  • Hide and Show Panes
  • Caption Menu Button
  • Cascading Panes
  • Caption Direction

Tab Customization

  • Static Frame
  • Luna Colors
  • OneNote Colors
  • Show Tab Icons
  • Custom Tab Icons
  • Hot Tracking
  • Bold Selected Tabs
  • Tab Position
  • Tab Layout
  • Tab Appearance Styles
  • Tab Color Styles
  • Tab Borders
  • Tab Margins
  • Rotated Tab Layout

Auto Hide Panels

  • Auto Hide Panel

Load and Save State

  • Save or Load Layout from Registry
  • Save or Load Layout from a File