Codejock Toolkit Pro Releases

Released: Apr 14, 2022

Updates in v20.3.0


  • Toolkit Pro
    • Added support for Microsoft Visual Studio 2022.
  • Command Bars
    • Added CXTPMDIFrameWndEx.
    • Property exchange schema version has been added to CXTPCommandBars::LoadDesignerBars.
    • Tear-off frames toolbar and menu handling has been improved.
  • Controls
    • Added SetInsertMark, SetInsertMarkColor and GetInsertMark color to CXTPTreeCtrl.
    • Scrollable control redrawing has been improved in some use cases.
  • Markup
    • Added MatrixTransform support.
  • Shortcut Bar
    • Added Collapse button.
  • Samples and...

Released: Nov 17, 2021

Updates in v20.2.0


  • CommandBars
    • CXTPTabClientWnd::CloseAllTearOffFrames added for closing all open tear-off frames.
    • Tear-off frame last item closing behavior has been improved.
  • Controls
    • The ability to load preview data from a stream has been added to the Preview control.
    • On-demand preview activation has been added to the Preview control.
    • Dynamic color reflection has been added to CXTPControlPopupColor when XAML icons are used.
  • ReportControl
    • SetMask, GetMask, GetLiteral, GetPrompt and IsUseMask have been...

Released: Sep 1, 2021

Updates in v20.1.0


Toolkit Pro

  • Added support for ISO/IEC standard C++20.
  • CXTPDpi::EnableDpiBitmapScaling and CXTPDpi::IsDpiBitmapScalingEnabled have been added for global management of raster image scaling.
  • Parsing image parameters has been improved in CXTPResourceImage.

Command Bars

  • Keyboard manager added the ability to lock keyboard input.

Docking Pane

  • Added DPI support to stickers.

Samples and Utilities:

  • Improved DPI support for most samples.


Toolkit Pro

  • Abnormal process termination on DLL...

Released: Jun 26, 2021

Updates in v20.0.0


Toolkit Pro

  • Added Microsoft Windows 10 theme.
  • Ambient properties have been added to CXTPApplication.
  • Added strict code compliance for C++14 and C++17 standards (/std:c++14 and /std:c++17).
  • Added strict conformance mode support (/permissive-).
  • Enabled maximum warning level support (/Wall).
  • The highest available Microsoft XML Core Services (MSXML) version is now used by default, XTPCreateXmlDocumentInstance helper function has been added.
  • Added XTPCreateXmlDocumentInstance helper function...

Released: Sep 7, 2020

Updates in v19.3.0


Toolkit Pro

  • XAML icons have been improved for HiDPI.
  • Added GDI handle leak tracking.
  • Block caption demonstration has been added to TrackControl sample.


  • FlowGraph points made to keep their size fixed regardless of zoom level.


  • Improved content clipping in Viewbox.


  • Unnecessary character set conversion removed from CXTPRecentFileListBoxItem::Draw.

Skin Framework

  • Skin Framework system module querying logic has been optimized and made uniform.


Toolkit Pro

  • Inclusion...

Released: Jun 15, 2020

Updates in v19.2.0


  • Toolkit Pro
    • Added CXTPToolTipContext::SetVectorIconSize for XAML icon size customization in tooltips.
  • Controls
    • Added a new adapter CXTPScrollable<Base> for scroll bar customization.
    • Scroll bar customization and theme support added to common controls and their adapters:
      • CXTPScrollableEdit.
      • CXTPScrollableEditT<Base>.
      • CXTPScrollableListBox.
      • CXTPScrollableListBoxT<Base>.
      • CXTPScrollableListCtrl.
      • CXTPScrollableListCtrlT<Base>.
      • CXTPScrollableTreeCtrl...

Released: Nov 22, 2019

Updates in v19.1.0


  • New helper stream creating functions added: XTPCreateReadOnlyMemoryStream, XTPCreateReadOnlyFileStream, XTPCreateReadOnlyResourceStream.
  • ES_NUMBER support add to CXTPControlEdit.


Toolkit Pro

  • Application freezing in RemoteApp caused by frame shadow fixed.
  • Image handles exposed from CXTPImageManagerImageList.
  • Frame shadow gaps in dialog borders in Windows 10 fixed.
  • Frame shadow automatic enabling and updating fixed.
  • Non-client metrics computation fixed in Windows XP

Command Bars...

Released: Aug 20, 2019

Updates in v19.0.0


  • Support for Visual Studio 2019.
  • Toolkit Pro Application Wizard - New for Visual Studio 2013, 2015, 2017, and 2019. If you have chosen to install using either Deploy Wizard or manually from the VSIX extension file you will now be able to generate fully working applications with a set of predefined Toolkit Pro components and functionality in just a few mouse clicks. Hundreds of possible combinations of all the components and most popular settings allow you to create a solid foundation for...

Released: Oct 24, 2018

Updates in v18.6.0


  • FrameShadow scaling fixed for DPI unaware applications in high DPI.
  • CXTPDpi::GetPhysicalWindowScaleFactors and CXTPMultiMonitor::GetDisplaySettings helpers added.
  • A number of colors fixed in Office 2016 and Visual Studio 2015 themes.
  • Inability to use some MFC resources in static configurations fixed for all localized modules.

Released: Aug 7, 2018

Updates in v18.5.0


  • Improved FrameShadow drawing performance.
  • Added optional derivation of CXTPWinApp from CWinAppEx by defining _XTP_USE_WINAPPEX macro.


  • Fixed re-including XTToolkitPro.h header file.
  • Fixed GDI cache critical performance issues.
  • Fixed TLS initialization in synchronization primitives.
  • Fixed mouse click handling on a non-primary monitors.
  • Fixed FrameShadow default loading.
  • Fixed window blinking caused by FrameShadow.
  • Fixed FrameShadow conflict with topmost owner windows.