CodeRush Releases

Released: Jun 26, 2017

Updates in 17.1.5


  • Refactorings and Code Providers - Added new XPO Fields feature based on the XPO EasyFields community plugin for CodeRush Classic. It is helpful for those who work with eXpress Persistent Objects as it enables you to automatically generate and update the XPO FieldsClass based on the existing class members.
  • Code Generation - The Declare Menu is now accessible from Visual Studio's Light Bulb action menu. New configuration options for members generated by the following features:
    • Declare...

Released: May 25, 2017

Updates in 17.1.4



  • Drop Marker is enhanced, gaining the ability to mark and restore selections (in addition to caret positions). Useful when you have the selection you want but then realize you need to do something else first before you modify/cut/copy/delete the selection. Just drop a marker, move the caret to wherever you want to be, and when you’re ready press Escape to restore the selection. Also useful for presenters who want to need do quickly highlight code.
  • Jump to File and Jump to...

Released: May 17, 2017

Updates in 17.1.3


CodeRush for Roslyn

  • New Naming Assistant - This release introduces the CodeRush Naming Assistant. It makes naming new members, variables, and parameters easier. The Naming Assistant window automatically opens as you start typing a new symbol name. The suggestion list is filtered as you type. Suggestions are based on:
    • Identifier names used in the solution and in the current code block
    • The type of the identifier
    • The identifier role (member, variable, or parameter)
    • To select a suggestion...

Released: Feb 28, 2017

Updates in 16.2.6


  • Support for Visual Studio 2017.


  • General - Performance issues when typing in large unit tests files.
  • Refactorings - The "Reorder Parameters" refactoring adds strange code on being applied.
  • Refactorings - In a .NET Standard Library project the "Rename Namespace to Match Folder Structure" refactoring suggests incorrect namespaces.
  • Test Runner does not hit any breakpoints while debugging .net core tests on Visual Studio 2017 RC4 (15.0.0-RC.4+26206.0).
  • Test Runner - xUnit - Test Runner...

Released: Jan 18, 2017

Updates in 16.2.4


  • Test Runner fails to run tests when running a specific parametrized test through the test runner window's context menu.
  • "Jump To Symbol" doesn't show any targets if not all members are selected in the filter options.
  • "Tab to Next Reference" in XAML code behind causes VS2015 crash.
  • A tooltip for the type contains a wrong instruction after expanding the "p" template.
  • All shortcut options are missing if the Japan input language is active.
  • Automatic property expansion not working correctly...

Released: Dec 14, 2016

Updates in 16.2.3


  • Code Analysis
    • Focused Analysis - You can now run Code Analysis on the active project or active file.
    • More Detailed Report - Code Analysis reports now include information for source files.
    • Naming Conventions Continuous Check - Added the ability to check naming conventions continuously in background.
    • Performance - Code Analysis performance has been improved.
  • Navigation Enhancements
    • Jump to Everything - Added new Jump to Everything navigation provider, which allows you to jump to any file...

Released: Nov 1, 2016

Updates in 16.1.8


  • Smart Duplicate Line - Smart Duplicate Line duplicates the active line, and inserts Text Fields into the duplication to make modification easier. The feature learns your preferences as you use it, so it gets smarter (and saves you more work) over time.
  • XAML Features
    • XAML code formatting.
    • Import All Types (declares all necessary namespace references needed by the XAML file).
  • Refactorings, Code Providers, and Code Formatters
    • Break Apart or Line Up both Parameters and Arguments - Either...

Released: Sep 15, 2016

Updates in 16.1.7


  • Code Analysis - Detect and correct possible code issues and code smells.
  • Code Coverage - See how well your solution is covered by unit tests.
  • IntelliRush - IntelliRush enhances Visual Studio’s built-in Intellisense, adding quick and easy filtering (by properties, methods, events, interfaces, classes, namespaces, etc.) so you can find what you need faster and with fewer keystrokes.
  • Unit Testing - Create new test cases or new test suites for NUnit, xUnit, MSTest and  MSpec test frameworks...