Collabion DataParts for SharePoint

Collabion DataParts helps you find insights from all your data stored in SharePoint. The easy-to-use interface allows you to quickly visualize data, explore patterns, monitor trends and finally share your discoveries, through interactive dashboards. It works with SharePoint 2010, 2013 and 2016, without the need for Excel Services or PerformancePoint. Collabion DataParts for SharePoint contains Collabion Charts for SharePoint and Collabion Data Grid fro SharePoint.

Create any chart you want, in minutes

Create any chart you want - whether a simple sales chart, a market share chart, or complex operational data plotted against multiple input variables - with the same ease of use. Use the intuitive wizard to connect to any data source, visually select your fields to plot on the chart, select the chart type, and you're done - As simple as that.

Switch to data grids, for when charts aren't enough

While charts are a great way to show an overview of the data, if...

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Collabion DataParts for SharePoint v3.0.0.1
Collabion DataParts for SharePoint v3.0.0.1
Find insights from all your data stored in SharePoint.

Prices from: $ 1,273.02

One software license is required per Web Front End Server per year. Web Front End (WFE) servers are the servers in your deployment that run the Web Application service. You could determine the number...

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