ComponentOne SpellChecker for WinForms Features

Features of ComponentOne SpellChecker for WinForms

Get one of the easiest-to-use and most efficient spell checkers available on the market. Just drop the C1SpellChecker and text box on your Windows Form, set one property, and experience Microsoft Word-like spell checking. ComponentOne SpellChecker for WinForms can process 400,000 words per second.

C1SpellChecker Features:

  • Code-free Text Box Integration - Use the extender SpellCheck property to link the C1SpellChecker component to any text box-derived control - no code is necessary. It's that easy.
  • Fastest SpellChecker - Fastest SpellChecker capable of processing 400,000 words per second.
  • As-you-type Spell Checking - As you type, a red, wavy underline indicates any spelling mistakes; right-clicking the error shows a context menu with spelling suggestions.
  • Dialog Box Spell Checking - Use the CheckControl method to check the content of any text box using a modal dialog box -SpellChecker for WinForms automatically highlights suspect words.
  • Spell Checking Intelligence - SpellChecker is so intelligent it can differentiate between upper and lower case. For example, "paul" is marked as a spelling mistake, and "Paul" is not.
  • Spell Checking Support for Other Types of Controls - SpellChecker supports programmatic interfaces that can be used to add spell checking functionality to other kinds of controls, such as grids.
  • Provides 21 Reference Dictionaries - SpellChecker provides a wide range of dictionaries to enable the developer to create Word-like implementations within applications. SpellChecker includes 21 international dictionaries.
  • Full Dialog Box Customization - Incorporate your organization's look and feel - add customizable images, text, buttons, and more to the default spelling dialog box.
  • Interactive Context Menu - Right-click a misspelled word and the default context menu offers a list of suggestions, the option to Ignore All, use AutoCorrect, or choose a word from the spelling dialog box.
  • Flexibility to Create Custom Dictionaries - Using the dictionary editor, create and maintain custom-built dictionary files to distribute with your application - helpful for words specific to certain industries.
  • Spell-check Strings of Code - Create custom text parsers to spell check C# and VB code files, for example.
  • Spell-check Web Controls - You can use the C1SpellChecker control to spell-check controls that derive from the WebBrowser class.