New HTML5 gauge controls for ASP.NET

November 21, 2011

Updates in 2011 v3

  • HTML5 Gauges - New Linear and Radial Gauge controls for ASP.NET offer rich data visualization using HTML5 and jQuery.
  • More Chart Types - New Area, Bubble, Composite, Scatter and Spline chart types added.
  • HTML5 Editor - Author and manage HTML content on any Web page.
  • New Multimedia Controls – The Lightbox control is a pop-up image viewer, the Gallerycontrol easily displays photos and images, and the Carousel control provides an interactive UI for navigating media elements like photos.
  • HTML5 Video Player - An interactive version of the browser’s video player which matches the currently selected Theme.
  • Rating Control - Supports different visuals like stars, thumbs, and bars to visually display a range of values for any rating system.